Australian Family Law in Context, 5th Edition

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Australian Family Law in Context, 5th Edition
Australian Family Law in Context, 5th Edition
By Patrick Parkinson
Price: $145.00
Publication Details: Published 2011 Aust (softcover)
Product Code: 9780455229485
Australian Family Law in Context provides a contemporary and innovative examination of family law materials from a range of disciplines and a diversity of perspectives. All viewpoints that may be found in the legal literature on family law are represented in the book through extracts, notes and questions.

The fifth edition is thoroughly revised and updated throughout. It draws upon the latest research, including the findings of the Australian Institute of Family Studies in evaluating the 2006 reforms. The new edition also includes explanation of the amendments to the Family Law Act concerning family violence; trusts after Kennon v Spry; the latest case law on determining whether parties were in a de facto relationship; and recent case law concerning parenting orders.

Australian Family Law in Context contains extensive commentary and materials on:
  • The demographics of the family, including social science evidence on different family forms in Australia;
  • Dispute resolution, covering Family Relationship Centres, child-inclusive mediation, and the Child Responsive Model;
  • Collaborative law;
  • Family violence, covering typologies of violence, feminist perspectives on violence, and best practice guidelines for family lawyers on assisting victims of violence;
  • Third parties and family property;
  • Federal laws on the property of de facto couples;
  • The psychological evidence on what is best for children after parents separate; and
  • The application of Part VII of the Family Law Act to disputes concerning children.
Australian Family Law in Context: Commentary and Materials, 5th Edition remains the primary resource for law students and a major reference work for others interested in Family Law.

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