Accredited Specialisation

Accredited Specialist


The LIV’s Accredited Specialisation program has operated for more than 25 years. The program has more than 1000 accredited specialist practitioners across 16 areas of specialisation. Practitioners who are accredited as a specialist are recognised as having an enhanced skill level, as well as substantial involvement in established legal specialty areas. The LIV requires such specialists to demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and proficiency in a particular area of law to ensure that recognition as an accredited specialist is meaningful and reliable. Search for a current accredited specialist.


How to Apply

How to Apply

Discover information about how you can apply for and become a specialist with LIV Accredited Specialisation. View our assessment programs and key dates to learn more.

Why Become a Specialist

Why Become a Specialist?

Explore the ways you can enhance career development and opportunities by becoming an accredited specialist in your field. The benefits speak for themselves.

Areas of Specialisation

Areas of Specialisation and Key Dates

Accredited specialisation is offered biannually in 16 areas of law, with eight areas offered each year. Browse through the areas of law to find yours and note key program dates and contacts.

How to Apply

Directory of Accredited Specialists 

The LIV Accredited Specialist Directory can help you find a lawyer who is a leader in his or her field. Search the directory here for a list of specialists and make contact today.

How to Apply

Advertising Your Specialisation

Find out how to advertise your accredited specialisation and learn why it is important that the public and your peers are aware that you are an accredited specialist.

How to Apply

News and Events

Explore the latest relevant news, including a list of new accredited specialists. Learn more about upcoming events and future accredited specialisation assessment programs.  

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