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LIVGender Resources

Gender Reporting for Employers

Workplace Gender Equality Agency
The WGEA is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is responsible for encouraging, promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces. 

WGEA provides Research and Resources for employers such as reporting resources, research reports, fact sheets and statistics, Australian census of women in leadership, useful links, gender equality indicators.

WGEA also provides tools and resources to assist organisations improve the gender diversity of their workplace including 'how to' guides, gender equality indicator toolkits and payroll analysis tools.

The WGEA has just released reporting data for the 2013-2014 period. The data captures information from non-public sector employers with 100 or more employees. The employers are required to report to the Agency under six gender equality indicators (GEIs), generating a standardised performance assessment that enables comparisons across industries and organisation sizes. The WGEA has also developed a data explorer which is a visual exploration point to the Agency’s dataset.

Flexible Work and Carer Responsibilities

Flexible Work Models: How to bring sustainability to a 24/7 world
This report by Bain and Company provides business case for flexible work as it recognises the need for flexible work for business sustainability.

Fair Work Ombudsman
The FWO provides information on flexible working arrangements, eligibility and information on how to ask for flexible working arrangements, as well as information regarding carer responsibilities.

Victorian Women Lawyers
VWLis a membership organisation which aims to assist female lawyers in achieving a satisfying, successful professional life whatever their particular and personal definition of success might be.

The objectives of Victorian Women Lawyers are to remove barriers and increase opportunities for participation by, and advancement of, women in the legal profession in Victoria by and to promote the understanding and support of women's legal and human rights.

The VWL has several publications on issues affecting female lawyers including flexible work practices.

Business Victoria
Business Victoria offers information on flexible working hours and arrangements for employees who have worked longer than 12 months in a role and are entitled to flexible working arrangements to help them care for their children. Business Victoria highlights the benefits for employees and employers with flexible working arrangements. 

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
The VEOHRC provides advice and toolkits for employers on how managing flexible work practices in their workplaces and extensive information for employees wanting information regarding carer responsibilities, employee rights with carer status, family responsibilities and parental status.

Law Institute Journal – Work in Progress Column
From March 2012, the Law Institute Journal (LIJ)has included a column titled Work in Progress. This column provides examples of both men and women in the legal profession engaged inflexible working practices. 

Carers Victoria
Carers Victoria provides information for carers regarding paid work and the employee’s rights for flexible work arrangements.

Victorian Government Home & Community Care (HACC)
Information from the Victorian Government on the types services which support older people, younger people with disabilities and their carers. Includes a list of services that provide support for people living at home or those who are at risk of premature admission to long-term residential care. Although the website is aimed to assist those older people or those with disabilities, the program also aims to support and assist their carers and families.

Gender Quotas

Australian Human Rights Commission
The AHRC provides information on women in leadership roles and the relevance of gender quotas in Australia.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency
WGEA provides information on setting gender quotas in the workplace.

Support Services

Vic Lawyers' Health Line
The Vic Lawyers' Health Line offers the Victorian legal profession a free health and wellbeing service.

Mentoring with Victorian Women Lawyers
Members of the VWL are given the opportunity to be involved in mentoring female law students.


CEW Gender Diversity Kit
Chief Executive Women Australia has developed a Gender Diversity Kit to assist Australian companies to tackle gender diversity issues and help attract and retain female talent into leadership positions.

MBS Centre for Ethical Leadership - Gender Equality Project
The Melbourne Business School's Centre for Ethical Leadership is an initative with the underlying assumption that a more balance representation of men and women in leadership and decision making roles will mean that organisations will be able to make better use of the full range of available talent.