LIV Building

The LIV building, members facilities on level 13. View from Bouke Street looking to the west.


LIV Building Artwork

The art instalation outside 140 William Street, looking east into the foyer.


LIV Building

Looking up at the exterior of the building on the north east corner.


LIV Building Foyer

Inside the building foyer looking at the north side lifts, access to the members floor is through the south side lifts.


LIV Building View

A view from the top of the LIV building looking south.


LIV Building

Outside the building on the William street side looking east.


LIV Office

A sample view of what members would see looking outward from the building.


LIV Office Sample Interior

A sample interior of an office layout within 140 William Street.


More photos of the actual interior will be added as the office fit out becomes more complete.