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Invitation to re-engage in the LIV’s review of its governance arrangements 

One of the Council’s key responsibilities is planning for a sustainable future.

In doing so, it  sets strategy, plans and monitors performance to ensure the LIV is well-positioned to meet challenges and seize opportunities in a way that is consistent with good governance and the interests of members and key stakeholders.

A sustainable future is best achieved with appropriate governance. Ensuring sound governance structures are in place, that support the changing needs of the profession while serving members and the community is of paramount importance.  

Following a suspension of the LIV Governance Review due to COVID-19, the Council is now keen to re-engage with members.

Significant progress has been made. There has been consultation with members and key stakeholders, an exploration of strategic challenges for the LIV, an assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the current governance framework and consideration of potential reforms and how these could be best pursued.

Today, we release advice provided to Council and ideas Council is putting forward for members to consider and respond to. Download the Consultation Paper below (PDF).


The aim of this latest consultation is to measure member support for ideas being considered by Council to strengthen the LIV’s governance. 

We are communicating with you, a key stakeholder, about the latest stage of the governance review to seek your feedback, which we will do in two ways:

  • Two open forum webinars, open to all interested members:
    • 12.30–1.30pm, Monday 28 June. CLOSED
    • 5.15–6.15pm, Wednesday 7 July. CLOSED
  • Your participation in a confidential online survey (Avalable to LIV Members only. Survey closes midnight Friday 30 July 2021).

Your feedback will contribute to the Council’s consideration of which governance ideas should progress. The intention is that, subject to member feedback, a package of reforms will be put to members for final approval at a special general meeting in 2022.

If you would like additional information or have queries regarding the Governance Review, please contact Company Secretary, Xian Volkmer, on or 9607 9513. 

Thank you for your interest and participation.

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Tania Wolff

Tom Ballantyne
Chair, Governance Working Group

See brief introductory video from Tom Ballantyne below.