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LIV Annual Reports

The LIV is recognised by business, government and the general public as the leader of the legal profession in Victoria.

The LIV represents more than 19,200 (financial year 2021-21) people working and studying in the law in Victoria, interstate and overseas and represents a potent force of opinion and expertise. Our members offer their commitment, diversity and expertise to help shape the nature and reputation of the legal profession and influence reforms to the justice system so it better serves the needs of the Victorian community.

Our core purpose is to foster the rule of law and to promote improvements and developments in the law as it affects the public of Victoria. We have a long history of promoting justice, contributing to, shaping and developing effective state and federal legislation, and undertaking extensive advocacy for education of the community and of lawyers. We also assure the standards and professionalism of lawyers, including accreditation and specialisation in contemporary legal disciplines.

2021 Annual Report

Download the Annual Report (PDF)

The annual report covers the activities of the LIV for the financial year 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

It aims to provide readers with a comprehensive picture of how the LIV has created member value though our business model and how we intend to continue do so in the short, medium and long term.

The structure of the report reflects our five key priorities as outlined in the LIV’s 2019-2022 strategic plan, and the activities that we undertook during the financial year to implement that plan. The pandemic interrupted some activities, but also re-defined and accelerated others – particularly the provision of remote services and support to members.

“Through the tireless and fearless efforts of its leadership, the LIV has ensured that Victorian lawyers can continue to provide essential services to their clients and that access to justice is maintained throughout the pandemic. The members of our profession, and the public at large, owe the LIV a great debt of gratitude for these outcomes.”
Paul Gleeson, Principal Russell Kennedy

Key priorities delivering member value


We supported members with information and advice about the frequently changing regulations for permitted work and access to premises through the lockdowns, ethical advice, and a focus on the health and wellbeing of the profession.
Our support includes:

  • Keeping members updated through the Law Institute Journal, Law News, the LIV website, social media channels and regular member communications
  • 5,673 inquiries resolved by the LIV Ethics and Practitioner Support teams
  • 470 consultancies delivered by the Professional Standards and Quality Assurance team
  • Fulfilling almost 3,700 research requests through the LIV Library
  • Support through access to health and wellbeing resources and services.

Moving swiftly to online delivery of training and development was a key achievement so that we could continue to provide members with relevant and value-based learning and education opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge and capability in running their practices.
This includes:

  • Providing 131 learning and education activities to more than 12,000 practitioners
  • Complimentary member access to 50 LIVe Chats and 19 COVID-19 specific legislative and practice support webinars
  • Making available 120 on-demand videos available across 24 areas of law
  • Delivering 15 conferences across 13 areas of law
  • Increasing the number of LIV Accredited Specialists to 1,146 across 16 areas of law.

Our Legal Policy group drives the work of the LIV as a leader in law reform and policy debate. The member-driven policy positions and advocacy work provided by the LIV is a collaboration between staff and dedicated, broad base of 2,500 LIV members who contribute their expertise through sections and committees.
Key achievements for FY20/21 were:

  • 124 submissions to government and other bodies
  • Providing expert opinion and policy positions on Bills in response to requests from Members of Parliament
  • Advocating for members during the pandemic, including working closely with the VLSB+C, LPLC and Victorian Bar on measures necessary to ensure the justice system remains open and accessible
  • Active participation in the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants (RCMPI) Implementation Taskforce as well as the RCMPI Legal Profession Regulation Working Group.

Our referral service, directories and community engagement activities underpin the importance of the profession when sourcing legal advice and the profession’s contribution to the community.
Members benefitted from our community engagement by:

  • Almost 21,800 referrals to members through the Find Your Lawyer Referral service
  • More than 270 registrations for our public LIV Law Week events demonstrating how professional legal help is critical to our community
  • Migration Lawyers added to our directories for Mediators, Arbitratrators and LIV Accredited Specialists.


More important than ever through the pandemic, our member outreach reinforced the collegiate community of legal professionals throughout the state and provided opportunities for members to connect and support each other at every stage in their careers.
We supported members through:

  • Continued successful bi-monthly Regional & Suburban Series, delivering sessions to more than 1,700 attendees
  • Facilitating and supporting 360 LIV committee meetings
  • Sharing information with 51,383 social media followers across five channels
  • Enhancing the LIV Young Lawyers experience, recognised by  the Law Council of Australia in receiving the Australian Young Lawyers Organisation Award for the webinar series “Physically Distant, Professionally Close: How to Thrive in a Virtual World”
  • Delivering an online admissions event to celebrate the achievements of newly admitted members of the profession.


“… during COVID-19 the LIV has effectively advocated on behalf of firms and members, keeping us informed and ensuring continued access to justice. We appreciate the role LIV plays and feel that we are well supported and represented.”
Tony Macvean, Managing Partner Hall & Wilcox

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