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LIV President’s Blog and LIV Young Lawyers Blog Guidelines

At the LIV we welcome and encourage your comments, whether or not they reflect our views. However, we have a moderation process to ensure that comments are relevant, responsible, ethical and lawful. The LIV may refuse publication of, or delete any comment submitted to the LIV President’s Blog / LIV Young Lawyers Blog that the LIV’s Social Media Consultant considers:

  1. is unduly unfair or personal in nature (including messages about the LIV, its directors, officers, employees, agents or members);
  2. is in any way unlawful, libellous, inappropriate, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or objectionable;
  3. may constitute a breach of the Law Institute of Victoria Limited Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2005 including rule 21 regarding courteous communications; and/or
  4. presents a view in a way that improperly implies endorsement of that view by the LIV.

To assist us in the moderation process, we request that:

  • you are civil, courteous and respectful of others and their opinions when making your comment/s;
  • your comments are relevant  and not purely promotional; and
  • you comply with all applicable laws in making your comment/s.

We also request that you do not leave comments anonymously as we may choose not to publish them, particularly if you do not provide a valid email address.