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Employment Law

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Employment Law

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CPD Units 3
  • Substantive Law
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What does the rise of the contingent workforce and alternative working arrangements tell us about the future of Australia’s employment landscape? How can you ensure your clients are not...

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Program Overview

  • Employment Law Half Day - Friday 24 Mar
    • 9:00 AM Hot Off the Bench

      With the sheer volume of employment matters being heard before courts and tribunals on a daily basis, staying on top of case law developments relevant to your practice can be incredibly time consuming. Add that to conflicting case authorities and before you know it, half a billable day disappears in legal research. This practical session will save you time and effort by covering the most recent developments in employment law and their significance for employers and employees.

      Presenter: Nicholas Harrington, Barrister, Victorian Bar

    • 10:00 AM Morning Tea
    • 10:15 AM Workplaces of the Future

      The traditional workplace is no more – it’s now common for employers to contract out work, meeting temporary or shorter term resource deficiencies by bringing contractors and labour hire workers into the workplace. Not only that, but in an effort to cut office space costs and promote flexibility, workplaces are encouraging more employees to work remotely or from home. The nature of work is changing and employment law must keep up.

      This session tackles how these changes are altering the employment law landscape and is expected to cover:

      • alternative working arrangements and the growing requirement for flexibility
      • the rise of the insecure or contingent workforce and use of contractors
      • the increasing impact of technology on working arrangements
      • the risks associated with alternative working arrangements and reduced personal interactions in the workplace
      • how employment lawyers can prepare for workplaces of the future.

      Presenter: Nicholas Duggal, Principal, Moray & Agnew

    • 11:15 AM Understanding Independent Contractors

      It’s no secret that more and more employers are moving towards the practice of employing independent contractors. While the benefits may seem obvious to some, there are several key considerations your clients should be aware of when looking at the pros and cons of signing on contractors. This session will examine recent developments and key issues associated with the engagement of independent contractors versus employees.

      Topics will include:

      • the difference between contractors and employees – the common law test and key indicia
      • the legislative protections to be aware of, including sham contracting
      • steps to getting the engagement right
      • how to best advise your clients so they avoid common pitfalls.

      Presenter: Rick Catanzariti, Partner, DLA Piper

Further Details

  • Full Description

    What does the rise of the contingent workforce and alternative working arrangements tell us about the future of Australia’s employment landscape?

    How can you ensure your clients are not sham contracting when engaging independent contractors and what do you need to look out for?

    Not to mention, what was the name of that important case again?

    Covering the need-to-know for employment law and workplace relations practitioners, the Employment Law Half Day conference will deliver answers to the above and more.

  • Presenters

    Nicholas Harrington, Barrister, Victorian Bar 

    Nicholas Duggal, Principal, Moray & Agnew

    Rick Catanzariti, Partner, DLA Piper

  • Session Titles

    1. Hot Off the Bench

    2. Workplaces of the Future

    3. Understanding Independent Contractors