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LIV Wellbeing Program: Proactive management of vicarious trauma

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LIV Wellbeing Program: Proactive management of vicarious trauma

Date & TimeTBC
Format Workshop





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Venue LIV Conference Room, Level 13, 140 William Street, Melbourne View Map

Free and exclusive to LIV members.

This session will focus on the impacts of hearing/reading traumatic content on legal professionals and how to recognise signs of vicarious traumatisation. The aim is to help build awareness and resilience, both individually and within workplaces, through a trauma informed approach.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify signs of vicarious traumatisation and understand how it relates to, but is different from, stress
  • Understand how exposure to client trauma can impact on legal professionals
  • Learn general principles for building resilience and managing vicarious tramatisation
  • Tools for developing a personalised resilience plan

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Further Details

  • Facilitator:

    Ursula Benstead is a psychologist with over 25 years’ experience in the field of trauma and vicarious traumatisation. She has provided training and individual and group debriefing to government and community legal professionals for over a decade.

    Throughout her career progression in the community sector into clinical supervisor and management roles, Ursula noticed the impacts of assisting trauma survivors on individuals.  Most of Ursula’s consulting work today is focussed on helping organisations introduce trauma informed practices.  These help to build understanding of the causes of gendered violence, vicarious traumatisation, complex client presentations with the aim of educating, supporting and building resilience in work places and individuals. 

    Examples of this work are Ursula’s development of a model including induction training followed by regular staff group debriefing sessions for community and government legal organisations.