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LIV Criminal Law Conference 2019 VIDEOS

LIV Criminal Law Conference 2019 VIDEOS

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CPD Units 5.25
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • Professional Skills
  • Practice Management & Business Skills
  • Substantive Law
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Video 1 - Acting for Change by Giving a Second Chance

Restorative justice offers victims the opportunity to directly tell an offender how the offence has impacted their life via the assistance of a neutral facilitator. Participation can be an important step in recovery for victims, as well as a significant turning point for offenders. RMIT University’s Centre for Innovative Justice (CIJ) recently ran a pilot restorative justice conferencing program for people impacted by serious motor vehicle collisions.

Though this video, see the CIJ’s Nareeda Lewers and a participant from the program have a conversation about the benefits of restorative justice.

Panel: Rob Hulls, Director, Centre for Innovative Justice, RMIT University Nareeda Lewers, Senior Advisor Research and Advocacy, Centre for Innovative Justice, RMIT University; Lindi Wall, Conciliator and Guardianship Board Tribunal Member

Run time: 39:17:00

Video 2 - Magistrates Panel - Reflections: Then, Now and How

Over the years, a lot has changed for Magistrates and Courts. Advancement in technology has resulted in high-tech courtrooms as well as the need for Magistrates to develop and exercise relevant skills. Not only that, increased effectiveness of the administration of justice and process improvements such as clearing of bottlenecks and reducing delays are also some key changes that have taken place.

This recorded session brings together experienced and newly appointed Magistrates who will discuss their observations from the bench and provide advice relevant to criminal law practitioners.

Panel: Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg; Magistrate Sarah Leighfield; Magistrate Vicky Prapas; Magistrate David Fanning

Run Time: 1:07:00

Video 3 - Wellbeing for Criminal Lawyers - Vicarious Trauma: Dealing with confronting crime

An overview of Vicarious Trauma for Criminal Lawyers. Criminal lawyers are passionate about their profession; however, it is a job that can be intellectually, physically and emotionally challenging. Vicarious trauma refers to an ‘internal transformation’ experienced by professionals who encounter disturbing situations, information or material. In recent years, there has been a considerable emphasis and push to recognise the susceptibility to mental illness and to implement measures to address such issues.

This session will provide a toolkit to help define and manage vicarious traumatisation, including tips for building awareness both individually and within workplaces along with coping strategies. Presenter: Peter Andrewartha, Director, MCA Group

Run time: 34:02:00

Video 4 - Don't be Fearing the Ground Rules Hearing

On 1 July 2018, the Victorian government introduced the Intermediary Pilot Programme, which limits intermediary assistance to child victims and adults with a cognitive impairment who are either victims of sexual offences or witnesses in homicide matter. If the pilot is successful, it is the intention of the government to roll out the programme across the criminal justice system. It is anticipated that Victorian practitioners will have to be accredited or approved to undertake cases involving vulnerable witnesses.

Hear from our esteemed panel as they discuss the essential components for criminal practitioners, such as:

  • new techniques on questioning witnesses who have the benefit of an intermediary
  • the impacts of an intermediary on trial
  • conducting Ground Rules Hearings

Panel: Rishi Nathwani, Barrister, Greens List; Felicity Gerry QC, Barrister, Victoria Bar; Vicki Bahen, Manager, Intermediary Pilot, Department of Justice

Chair: Trieu Huynh, Program Manager Indictable Crime, Victorian Legal Aid, LIV Accredited Specialist

Run time: 51:58:00

Video 5 - Suppression Orders vs. Open Justice

This video explores the main features of the open justice principle and the common law and legislative powers that are available to courts to make suppression orders.

Presenter Jason Bosland looks at recent amendments to the Open Courts Act 2013 (2013) and examines comparative data on the use of suppression orders in Australia.

Presenter: Jason Bosland, Deputy Director, Centre for Media and Communications Law, Melbourne Law School

Run time: 34:59:00

Video 6 - Recent Changes to Victorian Sentencing Law

In 2018, ten key legislative changes to sentencing law in Victoria took place, including the introduction of standard sentences, category A and B serious youth offences and youth control orders. This video provides an overview of the changes to Victorian sentencing laws, to assist practitioners in their sentencing related advice to clients.

Presenter: Professor Arie Frieberg, Emeritus Professor, Teaching Associate, Law Resources, Monash University

Run time: 34:56:00

Video 7 - Ethics and The Royal Commission

At what point does the lawyer's duty to the Court take priority over the duty to the client? What are the duties of loyalty to the client? When does appropriate professional and ethical conduct cause those duties to become secondary to other requirements? When must, or may, a lawyer disclose confidential, including privileged, information? Is the role of an informer compatible with legal practice? And if disclosure is required, what, if any, is the lawyer's consequential duty of disclosure to the client? Is the "mouthpiece rule" relevant to these and other questions?

This video considers these and other matters and promote discussion of issues which, at times, have no easy answer and even no answer at all.

Presenter: The Hon. Nahum Mushin, Former Judge of the Family Court of Australia, Adjunct Professor of Law, Monash University

Run time: 44:57:00