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Law Week 2020

Watch the videos from the Law Institute of Victoria recorded for Law Week 2020, an annual festival of events that makes learning about the law easy.

Legal Fact Sheets

These Legal Fact Sheets (listed in the menu on the left) have been produced by the Law Institute of Victoria to help provide you with basic information around common situations that all of us are faced with during the course of our lives.  They are designed to help you better understand some of the specific elements related to each topic and to allow you to have a more informed discussion with your lawyer when the time is right. If you find you have additional questions and would like to know more we encourage you to Find Your Lawyer and start a conversation that will help you with your decisions.

Please note – these fact sheets are not intended to and do not encompass all aspects of the law on these subject matters.  Further professional advice should be sought before action is taken based on matters described in these fact sheets.


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