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Cite as: (2005) 79(4) LIJ, p. 78

LIV Council

The Specialisation Scheme annual report was considered by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) Council at its 17 February meeting.

Council also discussed the LIV legal services delegation to China, the resignation of Stephen Southwood QC from the presidency of the Law Council of Australia and new Council member Carol Geyer made her maiden speech.

Specialisation Scheme annual report
LIV specialisation manager Mark Boldiston presented the Specialisation Scheme annual report to Council.

This year, fields of specialisation offered will include commercial tenancy, environment and planning law, family law, mediation, personal injury law, property law and tax law.

It is intended to update the LIV website to provide more information to candidates, the advisory committees will assist in the development of professional development events targeted at a specialist level and work will continue on a national set of Scheme rules.

Legal services delegation to China
The LIV, with the financial assistance of the Victorian government’s Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, is organising a legal services delegation to China. The delegation will travel to Beijing and Shanghai for one week from Saturday, 28 May to Friday, 3 June 2005 to promote and develop opportunities for export of Victorian legal services to China. LIV Council discussed the draft program.

Law Council of Australia general meeting
Council was informed of a Law Council of Australia (LCA) general meeting on Sunday, 20 March 2005 to consider and, if thought fit, to pass a special resolution to amend the LCA constitution. The resolution proposes amendments to the constitution in relation to the procedures to be followed to fill a casual vacancy arising in the office of president, to provide that the person filling the office of president as at 29 January 2005 (John North) shall hold office as president until the conclusion of the LCA annual general meeting in 2006. Mr North took on the role of president following the resignation of Stephen Southwood QC.

Maiden speech by Carol Geyer
I am honoured to have been elected to the LIV Council. Attendant to this honour is an obligation to serve the profession, and those groups of the profession which I represent, with vigour, tenacity and honesty. I will do my best to fulfil that obligation.

This maiden speech will be, by necessity, significantly different than most.

The new councillor’s maiden speech provides the new councillor with the opportunity to talk about their professional background and their goals during their term on Council.

Most of my professional background has been in physiotherapy. I was a practising physiotherapist for more than 20 years. Fourteen of those years were spent as principal of my own private practice in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

My professional partner and I worked hard, very hard, and developed and grew the practice.

We were both keen to contribute to our profession as well as expand our business, so we both served on professional committees of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. We benefited professionally and personally and our business developed as well.

Unfortunately, we neglected to allow ourselves enough time-out from work. We worked for 14 years with no long service leave. We met the pressure of running the practice in a climate of increasing pressure from private health funds and third party payers, such as VWA and TAC, to provide expanded service for less cost.

I found being a physiotherapist in business extremely satisfying but became aware of an increasing interest in “things legal” both on an individual and government level.

It was time to move on.

I commenced the Melbourne Juris Doctor, a recent, graduate entry law degree. And we sold the practice.

I had completed a postgraduate diploma as a physiotherapist, but hadn’t studied on the scale I was expected to for decades. It was hard work, but I loved returning to study and value that time.

After completing my degree I was fortunate to be articled to Murray Baird at Moores Legal in Box Hill. Murray is an inspirational leader. Following completion of my articles I have remained at Moores and thoroughly enjoy my work there.

Last year I was privileged to be chair of the newly formed Later Lawyers Network (LLN). The LLN is a part of the Young Lawyers’ Section, and aims to support and promote those new lawyers who have, like myself, had a previous life. It is a rapidly growing and enthusiastic group, whose needs are at times similar to young lawyers, but at other times so different from the needs of “20-something” new lawyers.

The LLN has more than 150 members and growing! This year I have received more than one inquiry per week from lawyers or law students wanting to join the LLN.

In 2004 the LLN won the professional division of the Australian Young Lawyers Awards.

One of my aims while on Council is to assist later lawyers and law firms to find mutually beneficial attitudes in an environment which has been developed for the “20-something” young lawyer. I will continue to be a part of the LLN Committee.

I am also a suburban practitioner. I have been fortunate to be employed by a firm which really supports and nurtures its new lawyers, but I know that it would be difficult for a new lawyer in the suburbs or country who was not supported. As a new lawyer, I found the Young Lawyers’ Section introductory lecture series particularly helpful and reassuring and would want to encourage that Section and the LIV to make those education and networking events more accessible to young lawyers in the country and suburbs. Perhaps this could be achieved by video-links or by the production of a DVD at the time of the seminar.

Since I began the study of law, and especially since I commenced working as a lawyer, a number of people have commented on the vast difference they perceive between the law and physiotherapy. It is my belief that they are not so different really both professions I am dealing with people for their good’s just that when you are a lawyer people leave their clothes on.

In conclusion, my thanks go to my employer Moores Legal for allowing me to channel time and energy into this valuable pursuit and to my family for the same reason.

What’s on at the LIV

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Debate

The LIV Commercial Law Section, together with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), presents this debate which will explore corporate social responsibility.
When: Monday, 2 May 2005, from 6-8pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
For further inquiries, contact LIV Events on ph 9607 9504 or email Bookings are essential by 27 April 2005.

Professional Development

Unless otherwise specified, to get more information on the following events go to or email

CPD Scheme units
All of the programs outlined below are designed to meet the CPD Scheme requirements. The CPD Scheme Rules state the following in relation to claiming CPD units for attendance at professional development programs: “If this particular educational activity is relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of law, then you should claim one unit for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included.”

  • Young Lawyers’ 2005 Annual Lecture Series

5 April – Property; Leases – the ins and outs
12 April – Property; Current issues in conveyancing
19 April – Litigation; Subpoenas
26 April – Employment; Employment agreements, Australian Workplace Agreements and contracts for service
3 May – Commercial; Drafting and understanding contracts
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Revised Banking Code of Practice – Specialist forum (1.5 CPD Scheme units)

An interactive seminar covering the revised Banking Code of Practice.
When: Wednesday, 6 April 2005, from 5.30-7pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: Banking and financial services ombudsman Elisabeth Wentworth

  • Practice Management: Developing and driving strategy – workshop (3 CPD Scheme units)

Part of the Practice Management Series
Strategic planning is a critical investment for firms who want to progress and grow with greater speed and confidence.
When: Wednesday, 6 April 2005, from 9am-12.30pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: Sam Coupland, FMRC Legal Pty Ltd

  • Hot Topics in Business Law – Workshop (3 CPD Scheme units)

An update on tax and commercial business topics.
When: Wednesday, 6 April 2005, from 4-7.30pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speakers: Paul Burness, Worrells Melbourne, Heidi Eggert, Garland Hawthorn Brahe and Keith Harvey, Ambry Legal

  • Case Law Workshop (2 CPD Scheme units)

This practical course will provide a general overview of legal research methodology.
When: Thursday, 7 April 2005, from 9.30 am-12pm
Where: Members’ IT Lab, LIV Library, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: Catherine Vardy, LIV

  • Plain Language Workshop (2 CPD Scheme units)

Use plain language to improve your client relationships and enhance your firm’s brand values.
When: Thursday, 7 April 2005, from 5.30-7.30pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: Christopher Balmford, consultant

  • Practical Ethics for Lawyers (2 CPD Scheme units) CPD Scheme compliance topic

This practical session will provide you with strategies to deal with common ethical problems encountered in legal practice. It will include case studies of common ethical dilemmas and how to deal with them
When: Monday, 11 April 2005, from 5-7pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: James Leach, Ethics Department, LIV

  • The Use of DNA Profiling in Forensic Science – Legal update breakfast (1 CPD Scheme units)

An outline of the use of DNA technology in forensic science including the role of statistics.
When: Thursday, 14 April 2005, from 7.50-9am (light breakfast and registration from 7.30am)
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speakers: Drs Rebecca Heyes and Henry Roberts, Victoria Police Forensic Services

  • Legislation Workshop (2 CPD Scheme units)

This practical course will provide a general overview of legal research methodology.
When: Thursday, 14 April 2005, from 9.30am-12pm
Where: Members’ IT Lab, LIV Library, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speaker: Catherine Vardy, LIV

  • Voluntary Administration Under the Corporations Act – Specialist forum (2 CPD Scheme units)

Part of the Advanced Civil Litigation Series
This seminar will investigate the experience of insolvency practitioners in relation to voluntary administration under the Corporations Act.
When: Monday, 18 April 2005, from 5.30-7.30pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speakers: Chris Dale, commercial litigation accredited specialist, Clayton Utz and Leon Zwier, Arnold Bloch Leibler

  • Gender Issues in Family Law – Legal update (1.5 CPD Scheme units)

A discussion of the implications of family law cases involving gender issues including Re: Alex, Re: Kevin and Re: Patrick.
When: Thursday, 21 April from 5.30-7pm
Where: TBC
Speakers: Tim D North SC, Sally Nicholes, Middletons and barrister Sharon Johns

  • Professional Presentation Power (6.5 CPD Scheme units)

Learn to stand up, speak out, impress any audience and give yourself a key advantage in your career.
When: Thursday, 28 April 2005, from 8.30am-5pm
Where: LIV, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Speakers: Paul A Puckridge, AIMM, MISPI, MNSA, Cert. Adult Learning

Online Seminars

The following two online seminars are now available on the CPD website. They have been jointly developed by the LIV and the College of Law, NSW. More information on our online seminars can be found at or to register for each individual event click on the relevant links.

GST for Vendor and Purchaser (1.5 CPD Scheme units)
Register at

How to Read Financial Statements (1.5 CPD Scheme units)
Register at

Young Lawyers

  • Young Lawyers’ Section – Planning assembly

The planning assembly is a “roundtable” meeting for Young Lawyers’ Section committee members to discuss aims and ideas and to plan details for their committee agenda and specific programs and events. The theme of Professional Development of Young Lawyers will be explored.
When: Saturday, 16 April 2005, from 10am-4pm
Where: Werribee Mansion Hotel, K Road, Werribee
Cost: Free to Young Lawyers’ Section committee members
For further inquiries, contact Susan Ng on ph 9607 9379 or email:

  • Human Trafficking: Turning the red light on the red light district

A special screening of the powerful film Lilya 4-Ever will be held, following a few words on the issue of human trafficking by Kathleen Maltzahn of Project Respect.
When: Thursday, 21 April 2005, from 5.45-8.30pm
Where: Lumiere Cinema, 108 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Cost: $15
Bookings essential. Contact Susan Ng on ph 9607 9379 or email:

LIV Governance and Representation


President Victoria Strong 9607 9367
Vice President Catherine Gale 9670 5000
Immediate Past President Chris Dale 9286 6164
Treasurer Geoff Provis 9609 1549
Executive Member Anthony Burke 9822 8588


Danny Barlow 5821 9544
David Faram 5821 4566
Carol Geyer 9843 2121
Iresha Herath 9643 4153
Aurora Kostezky 9670 0700
Tom May 9641 8917
Bill O’Shea 9276 3750
Christopher Penman 8344 7544
Tabatha Pettitt 9810 3322
Erskine Rodan 9329 8744
Dominique Saunders 9609 1598
Steven Stevens 9288 1241
Mark Woods 5174 6311


Eastern Suburbs Law Association Mariolina Reale 9791 9845
Northern Suburbs Law Association John McClelland 9435 3811
North Western Solicitors Association George Conlan 9370 3636
Southern Solicitors Group Bill Rowson 9792 0755
Western Suburbs Law Association Peter Mecoles 9687 3211


Ballarat & District Law Association Richard Oakley 5331 5466
Bendigo Law Association Andrew Pickles 5443 1766
Geelong Law Association Jim Rutherford 5221 7166
Gippsland Law Association Jacqui Billings 5127 1944
Goulburn Valley Law Association Danny Barlow 5821 9544
Mornington Peninsula Solicitors Association Amanda Graham 9781 4222
North East Law Association Ian Watkins 5721 2149
North West Law Association Michael Holcroft 5022 2622
Western District Law Association Doug Laidlaw 5560 3444
Wimmera Law Association Brigid Jenkins 5381 0933


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