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Cite as: April 2015 89 (4) LIJ, p.63

NEW VICTORIAN 2015 REGULATIONS (as at 02/03/2015)

2015 No. 1 Road Safety (Drivers) and (General) Amendment (Alcohol Interlocks) Amendment Regulations

2015 No. 2 Subordinate Legislation Amendment Regulations

2015 No. 3 Magistrates’ Court General Civil Procedure (Forms and Related Amendments) Rules

2015 No. 4 Magistrates’ Court (Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings) (Arbitration Costs and Forms Amendment) Rules

2015 No. 5 Treasury Corporation of Victoria (Prescribed Agencies) Amendment Regulations

2015 No. 6 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Default Scale of Costs Amendment) Rules

2015 No. 7 County Court (Chapter I Judicial Registrars Amendment) Rules

2015 No. 8 Building Amendment (Siting Requirements) Regulations

2015 No. 9 Road Safety (General) Amendment (Prescribed Offences) Regulations

2015 No. 10 Supreme Court (Judicial Registrars Amendment) Rules

2015 No. 11 Supreme Court (Chapter I Miscellaneous Amendments) Rules

NEW VICTORIAN 2015 BILLS (as at 02/03/2015)

Back to Work Bill 2015

Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment (Veterans Reform) Bill 2015

Education and Training Reform Amendment (Funding of Non-Government Schools) Bill 2015

Interpretation of Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Amendment Bill 2015

Limitation of Actions Amendment (Child Abuse) Bill 2015

Parliamentary Committees and Inquiries Acts Amendment Bill 2015

Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Hairdressing Registration) Bill 201

Statute Law Repeals Bill 2015

Statute Law Revision Bill 2015

Summary Offences Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2015

Veterans and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015

Wrongs Amendment (Asbestos Related Claims) Bill 2015

NEW COMMONWEALTH 2015 ASSENTS (as at 02/03/2015)

2015 No. 1 Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Amendment Act

2015 No. 2 Treasury Legislation Amendment (Repeal Day) Act

2015 No. 3 Amending Acts 1970 to 1979 Repeal Act

2015 No. 4 Customs Amendment Act

2015 No. 5 Statute Law Revision Act (No. 1)

2015 No. 6 Crimes Legislation Amendment (Unexplained Wealth and Other Measures) Act

2015 No. 7 Australian Citizenship Amendment (Intercountry Adoption) Act

2015 No. 8 Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Act

2015 No. 9 Federal Courts Legislation Amendment Act


(as at 02/03/2015)

2015 No. 1 Health Insurance (General Medical Services Table) Repeal (Duration of Attendance) Regulation

2015 No. 2 Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment (Laying Chickens and Meat Chickens) Regulation

2015 No. 3 Corporations Amendment (Register of Relevant Providers) Regulation

2015 No. 4 Corporations (Fees) Amendment (Register of Relevant Providers) Regulation

NEW COMMONWEALTH 2015 BILLS (as at 02/03/2015)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition (Sunset Extension) Bill 2015

Australian Border Force Bill 2015

Australian Centre for Social Cohesion Bill 2015

Australian River Co. Limited Bill 2015

Customs Amendment (Anti-dumping Measures) Bill (No. 1) 2015

Customs and Other Legislation Amendment (Australian Border Force) Bill 2015

Customs Tariff (Anti-Dumping) Amendment Bill 2015

Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2015

Imported Food Warning Labels Bill 2015

Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims Amendment Bill 2015

Migration Amendment (Maintaining the Good Order of Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2015

National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Amendment Bill 2015

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Regulatory Levies) Amendment (Miscellaneous Matters) Bill 2015

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Miscellaneous Matters) Bill 2015

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation Amendment (Exit Arrangements) Bill 2015

Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 l

This summary is prepared by the LIV Library to help practitioners keep informed of recent changes in legislation.


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