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Training in new system under way


The LIV has conducted several free seminars to alert practitioners to the new traineeship requirements.

From 1 July, Victoria introduced new admission requirements for law graduates, with traineeships replacing articled clerkships. The change means there will be two paths to admission – practical legal training and traineeships.

About 100 people attended the first seminar on 18 June to hear legal educator Professor Sue Campbell give the background to the change and LIV CEO Mike Brett Young and Council of Legal Education and Board of Examiners CEO Richard Besley explain how traineeships would work.

Professor Campbell said there had been two principal rationales behind the change.

The first was the move towards a national legal profession and the need to ensure that there was “no back door entry” to admission to practice, where one state had it easier than others.

The second was the need to ensure a consistent experience of training across the state.

“We all know the horror stories of articled clerks doing12 months of photocopying,” she said.

Professor Campbell said there was nothing to fear in the process.

“It is new. It is different. But it can be carried out by the firms,” she said.

She said it was about providing a consistently high standard and ensuring there was more equal practitioner training which would benefit the profession and the public.

Mr Besley explained in further detail the Board of Examiners’ requirements and Mr Brett Young presented a sample training plan.

During the past month three other seminars were well attended.

Mr Brett Young said the LIV was prepared to go out to firms and universities to answer questions.

“If there is sufficient interest we may hold workshops on filling in forms and preparing training plans,” he said.

As further information becomes available it will be posted on the LIV website at


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