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Meet the LIV Council 2011


Cite as: Jan/Feb 2010 85(1/2) LIJ, p.20

The LIV’s 18-member Council is representative of the broad range of the profession, from large city firms to suburban and regional practices, and community law.

Council makes decisions about policies affecting the legal profession and makes representations or comments on policy or legislation to government and other organisations.

It meets at least once a month to consider matters of policy.

Council has a five-member executive – president, president-elect, immediate past president, vice-president and 5th executive member – which meets on a fortnightly basis.

For more information about Council and the Executive see

Council Executive >>

Caroline Counsel

I am an accredited family law specialist, collaborative lawyer and have been in practice for over 25 years. I have been a part of law firms of various types and sizes, from small suburban to mid-tier commercial to sole practice.

My involvement with the LIV commenced in earnest in my second year of practice and since then I have served on the Family Law Section executive and sub-committees.

Having experienced the benefits of membership of the LIV, I am committed to ensuring all members do likewise in 2011 and beyond.

Contact details: Caroline Counsel, Principal, Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers, Level 2, 362 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne 3000 Ph: 9320 3900 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: February 2006

Michael Holcroft

I am a Mildura-based principal of a five-solicitor firm that practises in business and commercial law, property, estates and civil litigation.

I am committed to achieving a satisfactory outcome from the national legal reforms, improving access to justice and legal aid payments to the private profession.

Recruiting and retaining solicitors in regional and remote areas is a particular interest, as is reducing the regulatory burden faced by all of us.

We have a talented and enthusiastic Council and I look forward to working with them for the benefit of members in 2011.

Contact details: Michael Holcroft, Director, Holcroft Avery Lawyers, PO Box 5028, Mildura 3502, DX 50020 Mildura Ph: 5022 2622 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: May 2008

Reynah Tang

I am a tax partner at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, with more than 15 years’ experience.

As a member of the LIV Executive, I have taken an active role in looking at the legal profession’s reputation. In the coming years, I hope that we can take some positive steps to redress the imbalance in the media and public perception of the role of lawyers.

I am also acutely aware of the perhaps related issue of depression in the profession. More needs to be done to support members in their time of need.

Contact details: Reynah Tang, Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Bourke Place, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 Ph: 9672 3535 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2007

Steven Stevens
Immediate past president

I am looking forward to working with our new Council in 2011 to promote:

the national profession legislative reform;

continued work on the development of a reconciliation action plan between the LIV and Victoria’s Indigenous communities;

the role of the Law Council of Australia as an effective peak body on behalf of the legal profession; and

adequate legal aid funding by state and federal governments in Victoria.

Contact details: Steven Stevens, Partner, Freehills, Level 43, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 240 Melbourne Ph: 9288 1241 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2003

Conor O’Brien
Fifth executive member

I am a principal of a firm that employs six solicitors over three locations, and an accredited specialist in criminal law. I wish to promote the truism that lawyers and the profession are vital to the community, particularly the role in protecting individuals’ rights and the rule of law.

I intend to promote strong, transparent and accessible policy positions for the LIV on behalf of members in relation to issues including asylum seekers, access and redress to courts, judicial discretion, sentencing and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Contact details: Conor O’Brien, Principal Solicitor, Doogue & O’Brien Solicitors, 24a Railway Crescent, Broadmeadows 3047 Ph: 9351 1455 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2007

Council members >>

Danny Barlow

In 2011 I will no longer be a member of the executive, but am looking forward to a continued involvement with Council.

Being a regional practitioner I obviously have the interests of other regional practitioners at heart, however my overriding concern is for the profession generally.

I’m keen to make sure that the burden of regulation on all of us is minimised. I’d like to see solicitors be able to act in the interests of their clients without being weighed down by the burden of regulation.

Contact details: Danny Barlow, Director, Riordan Legal, PO Box 1083, Shepparton 3632, DX 63012 Shepparton Ph: 5823 7660 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: January 2005

Geoff Bowyer

Developing and inspiring people to participate and remain dynamic in legal practice led me to election to Council in 2009.

I led the LIV in 2010 in providing web-based meeting technology for our practitioners and in 2011 want to see this medium available for all LIV seminars.

Another aim will be to lobby the new state government to enable regional practitioners greater opportunity to participate in government legal work. This will help attract young lawyers and graduates to regional firms and assist in regional practitioners’ retention and succession planning.

Contact details: Geoff Bowyer, Director, Beck Legal, PO Box 628, Bendigo 3552, DX 55011 Bendigo Ph: 5445 3329 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2009

Cathy Gale

I have been an active member of the LIV Council since 2004. In that time I have overseen the development of collaborative practice in the family law area in Victoria and also nationally, through my involvement with the Law Council of Australia (LCA).

I am committed to ensuring that the LIV provides the best possible service to its members and supports them in their day-to-day professional activities. I am also keen to ensure the profession retains its women lawyers and am committed to ensuring good outcomes for all lawyers.

Contact details: Cathy Gale, Principal, Cathy Gale, Level 2, 22 William Street, Melbourne 3000, PO Box 141, Collins Street West 8007 Ph: 9620 0088 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: August 2003

Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou

I am a partner of Justitia, an employment law firm. While on Council I will focus on two issues affecting our members – mental illness and flexible work practices.

I aim to increase the support the LIV provides to members with mental illness. My goal is for the LIV to provide strategies to lawyers, and their employers, to manage mental illness in the workplace, as well as practical measures to promote wellbeing.

I will work with the LIV to progress the implementation of flexible work practices in lawyers’ workplaces.

Contact details: Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou, Partner, Justitia, Level 5, 45 William Street, Melbourne 3000, GPO Box 4522, Melbourne 3001, Ph: 8621 4500 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2010

Brigid Jenkins

I was admitted to practice in 1999 and have practised exclusively in family law for the past five years.

I was elected to Council in 2009 and have been a member of the ethics, awards, children and young persons, and CPD committees. I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with members about their concerns and deal with issues facing the legal profession.

My interest in being on Council reflects my experience and I hope to promote the interests of the profession and, in particular, those in regional and suburban practice.

Contact details: Brigid Jenkins, Independent Children’s Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid, 350 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 210646 Melbourne Ph: 9269 0320 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2008

Fiona Knowles

I am excited to be joining the LIV Council this year. I am a senior associate at Holding Redlich and an accredited specialist in workplace relations.

I was chair of the LIV Workplace Relations Section for the past three years. On Council, I want to work towards making legal practice more accessible for all involved, including by tackling the effects of discrimination and the attrition of lawyers from the profession.

I hope to work with and on behalf of LIV members over the year ahead.

Contact details: Fiona Knowles, Senior Associate, Holding Redlich Lawyers, 140 William Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 422 Melbourne Ph: 9321 9881 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2010

Anthony (Tom) May

I practise mainly in taxation law, have been involved in organisations within and outside the legal profession and have an interest in the agricultural sector.

It is essential the LIV provides members with value for money by keeping down membership fees as much as possible and charging appropriately for services on a user-pays basis.

The LIV should also help members become more comfortable with changing technologies and work patterns, continue to place emphasis on the Sections and take steps towards creating a strong national lawyers’ organisation and a more integrated profession nationally.

Contact details: Tom May, Partner, Herbert Geer & Rundle, Level 21, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 428 Melbourne Ph: 9641 8917 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: April 2001

Katie Miller

I like things that challenge me, hence my passion for administrative law, the Western Bulldogs and cycling. I find most problems can be solved with analysis and a bit of humour.

My goals for Council in 2011 are: being a strong advocate for legal aid funding and the review of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities; improving representation of government lawyers in the LIV through an entrenched position on Council; and addressing the reasons why too many women leave the profession too early.

Contact details: Katie Miller, Senior Solicitor, Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office, Level 25, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 300077 Melbourne Ph: 9032 3005 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2010

Bruce Pippett

The conservatism of lawyers must dramatically change if we are to progress the interests of LIV members and the public.

Well-reasoned submissions on legal aid funding and the proposed national law, particularly in relation to costs disputes, fall on deaf ears in government. Attacks on the profession by government have caused the public to show scant respect for the legal profession.

I intend to press for policies that will show lawyers in a better light and improve access to legal aid.

Contact details: Bruce Pippett, Director, dkp lawyers, Suite 107, 3 Male Street, Brighton 3186, DX 18604 Brighton Ph: 9553 8108 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2005

Steven Sapountsis

I have been in legal practice for 29 years and over the past year have been privileged to sit on Council.

I have learned that Council, like the profession generally, accommodates a diversity of views, which can be reconciled by promoting matters and deciding issues on principle and with consistency.

While I currently practise in commercial litigation, my legal experience has been broad and varied and that experience, I hope, can assist me to make a positive contribution to the representation of the profession.

Contact details: Steven Sapountsis, Special Counsel, Moores Legal, 9 Prospect Street, Box Hill 3128 Ph: 9843 2157 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2009

Lucy Terracall

I am a senior associate at Clayton Utz, practising in insurance.

This will be my third year on Council and I will continue as chair of the education portfolio and Council liaison for the Young Lawyers’ Section.

I have also recently been appointed as chair of the new LIV diversity taskforce, which will be working to consolidate existing LIV programs and consult with members at firms of all sizes in Melbourne and rural areas to develop targeted strategies, policies and programs. The focus in 2011 will be on women in the profession.

Contact details: Lucy Terracall, Senior Associate, Clayton Utz, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 38451 333 Collins Ph: 9286 6305 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: January 2009

Stuart Webb

I have over six years’ experience in public and administrative law, working for Victoria Legal Aid (VLA). I am keen to promote easy community access to decision-making bodies, where problems can be resolved appropriately and effectively. I also believe that the LIV should be working with VLA to ensure legal services to the underprivileged are a priority. I aim to ensure that the LIV remains at the forefront of social policy debate, to encourage the profession to be active within our community, and that the LIV remains relevant to the cross-section of the community who engage with us.

Contact details: Stuart Webb, Section Head, Victoria Legal Aid, 350 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000, DX 210646 Melbourne Ph: 9269 0416 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: November 2006

Mark Woods

I am an accredited criminal law/family law specialist and will be advocating Council continues its leadership in areas including:

acknowledging additional government legal aid funding and the LIV’s work for fairer legal aid remuneration to members, but pressing for increased government funding in 2011;

supporting research into the ramifications of including those working with lawyers within the current professional regulatory regime;

addressing the appalling waste constituted by young lawyers dropping out; and

supporting the Law Council of Australia on the profession’s independence within a national regime, and less regulation at less cost.

Contact details: Mark Woods, Director, Tyler Tipping & Woods Solicitors, 81 Hotham Street, Traralgon 3844 Ph: 5174 6311 Fax: 9602 5270 Email:

Council member since: January 1991


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