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Mentoring in focus


Cite as: Jan/Feb 2015 89 (1/2) LIJ, p.17


Angela came to the Bar with a fair bit of experience under her belt in both the legal and accounting world. She is keen to develop her practice in the tax field and I have been a tax barrister for nearly 25 years. Angela and I have a very symbiotic mentoring relationship. I have sought to include her in all my professional networks as the occasion arises and she has been a fabulous junior counsel in many of my cases. I am energised by Angela’s enthusiasm and am keen to ensure that she capitalises on her enormous talent for research and writing. I think that we each get a lot out of our mentoring relationship and now we both mentor other younger practitioners together. This works well as I am able to provide a “rose coloured glasses” nostalgic view of life at the Bar (as well as a few war stories) and Angela is able to share a more recent practical perspective. I look forward to a lifelong mentoring relationship with her as I do with all the fantastic people I mentor.



I first met Jennifer at a work function. Though I was new to the Bar, I knew she was an eminent tax silk. While I was working up the courage to introduce myself, she approached me first and warmly introduced herself. Since then, she has generously afforded me so many opportunities – to shadow her, work as her junior, meet her networks and attend (at times, invitation only) professional events. She has also provided me with so much support, guidance and encouragement as I find my feet at the Bar. It has been a phenomenal privilege to be mentored by her. The icing on the cake has been connecting with Jennifer’s other mentees (she mentors around 35 people at last count) – a fun and dynamic group of students and professionals who have equally flourished from Jennifer’s guidance and support through the years. Jennifer’s mentoring has instilled in me a passionate dedication for excellence in my work, keeping a great attitude, and imparting the experiences gained to those more junior, as she has done for myself and so many others before me.

Angela Lee

Jennifer has been a wonderful role model and support for me throughout my legal career. In 2008, Jennifer involved me and another of her mentees in her legal research and invited us to accompany her to a landmark taxation case in the High Court of Australia in Canberra.  As a young law student, being provided with the opportunity to witness Jennifer appear in the High Court cemented my desire to become a lawyer and highlighted to me the types of opportunities available to women in the legal profession. The most valuable thing that I have learnt from Jennifer (if I have to pick just one) is to open yourself up to as many opportunities and experiences as possible so that you can continue to develop professionally, expand your networks and never stop learning. 

Bonnie Phillips, Farrar Gesini Dunn family lawyer

I see endless benefits in having a mentor – not least having someone to bounce ideas off. Jennifer has supported me throughout my degree, offering me guidance and support that has led me to finding the path to my current role. Her generosity in introducing me to her vast network has enabled me to gain experience in a variety of different areas of law. The most valuable thing that I have learnt from the mentoring experience is that there are many people in the legal field who are willing to give you their time – you should use the resources around you.

Emily Archer, Minter Ellison insurance and corporate risk lawyer


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