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Cite as: July 2015 89 (7) LIJ, p.64


Department of Communications – cloud computing

Many of us are hearing the catch cry the “document is in the cloud”, referring to cloud computing technology. If cloud computing is proving a bit of a mystery, this webpage contains easy to understand explanations of the key points. Published on the Department of Communications website, it helps to dispel common myths on the topic through a useful guide. It also provides an overview on the protection given to small business under Australian legislation as well as a small business privacy fact sheet.

National Archives of Australia – Record management and the cloud

Many questions have arisen with the advent of cloud computing technology and this webpage provides an introduction for federal government agencies about record keeping requirements. As Australian government records are governed by the Archives Act 1983 (Cth), it is important for agencies to understand what obligations they have to secure their records. The archives page provides a checklist to help guide any decision in approving a cloud based service.

Society of Computers and the Law

The Society of Computers and the Law is an organisation that provides information to legal professionals practising within the IT sector. While a lot of the information is UK based, it contains content from around the globe. The page includes many full text articles, news stories and blog posts on areas such as data protection, e-commerce, outsourcing and copyright. The journal Computers & Law can be subscribed to and is published six times a year. The LIV library holds a hard copy subscription within its collection.

Attorney-General’s Department – rights and protection rightsandprotections/Pages/default.aspx

This section of the Attorney-General’s Department website highlights some of the protection afforded to Australians regarding their online identity. It looks at areas such as identity theft and cybercrime, with links to various surveys, guidelines and government recommendations. Also within this section is an outline of federal and state legislation on e-commerce and electronic transactions. Interestingly, the information sheet provided spells out the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature.

Supreme Court of Victoria – audio and video webcasts

The Supreme Court of Victoria, through its media centre, is now providing audio and video webcasts of key proceedings and ceremonies within the court. This includes class actions that are of importance to the community such as the Beechworth and Murrindindi Black Saturday bushfire trials. For individuals being admitted to the legal profession, you can refer people to watch the admission ceremony via this link.

The UK Supreme Court – Supreme Court Live

The UK Supreme Court has recently launched a video on demand service that allows you to watch archived hearings in addition to the court’s live streaming service. The archives go back 12 months and are a great source for anyone interested in the workings of the Court. The footage is uploaded on the individual case’s page and is usually available the next working day. This allows the footage to sit alongside the full text judgment and press summary.


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