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New books and articles of interest from the LIV library.


Have you ever pondered the questions:

  • “Has the LIJ published articles about fences?”
  • “Do you have a precedent for a lease of farm land?”
  • “Where do I find forms or precedents for a reseal of probate?”
  • “Are you able to assist us with locating these two old cases – Re Street (1870) LR 10 Eq 165 and Re Nelson (1885) 30 CD 1? They relate to bills of costs.”

Has it been a while since you performed research, and are too afraid to ask your colleagues? Or are you snowed under by work and can’t meet the deadline?

The LIV librarians have extensive research and reference skills to meet the professional information needs of the legal profession. Using our extensive online and hard copy legal resources, we can check a reference, search for relevant precedents, research legislation and Hansard. We also perform more complicated research on your behalf, or are happy to point you in the right direction.

Check out the library link at to see what we can do for you.


The LIV library has put together a bibliographic list of resources for practitioners who want to keep well-informed about social media. The bibliography can be viewed at


LIV members may borrow library material for 14 days, with a one week renewal available unless reserved by a member. Items can be collected from the library, posted or sent via DX free of charge. Material including the location REF is unable to be borrowed.

Glissan QC, JL, Advocacy in Practice, LexisNexis Butterworths, 2011 (Location: KN 391.3 G 1 5)
George, Patrick, Defamation Law in Australia (2nd edn), LexisNexis Butterworths, 2012 (Location: KN 38.2 G 4 2)
Dispute resolution
Hardy, Samantha and Rundle, Olivia, Mediation for Lawyers, CCH Australia, 2010 (Location: KN 398 H 1)
Elder law
Lewis, Rodney, Elder Law in Australia (2nd edn), LexisNexis Butterworths, 2012 (Location: KN 151.6 L 1 2)
Equity & trusts
Evans, Michael, Equity and Trusts (3rd edn), LexisNexis Butterworths, 2012 (Location: KN 210 E 3)
Legal practice
Elefant, Carolyn and Black, Nicole, Social Media for Lawyers: The next frontier, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2010 (Location: KL 96.2 E 1)
Epstein Henry, Deborah, Law and Reorder: Legal industry solutions for restructure, retention, promotion and work/life balance, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2010 (Location: KL 84 E 1)
Guinn, Ann M, Minding Your Own Business: The solo and small firm lawyer’s guide to a profitable practice, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division, American Bar Association, 2010 (Location: KL 96.1 G 3)
Kimbro, Stephanie, Virtual Law Practice: How to deliver legal services online, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2010 (Location: KL 96.2 K 1)
Levitt, Carole A and Rosch, Mark E, Google for Lawyers: Essential search tips and productivity tools, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2011 (Location: KL 157 L 1)
Mighell, Tom, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2011 (Location: KL 96.2 M 1)
Pinnington, Dan and Trautz, Reid F, The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2009 (Location: KL 96.1 P 1)
Simek, John et al, 2011 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide: Critical decisions made simple, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 2011 (Location: KL 96.2 N 1)
Testator’s family maintenance
De Groot, John K and Nickel, Bruce W, Family Provision in Australia (4th edn), LexisNexis Butterworths, 2012 (Location: KN 125.81 D 1 4)


Civil procedure
Clark, Kate, The Civil Procedure Act: 6 months on, Audio CD, August 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 350 C 1)
Contents: Background of Civil Procedure Act; Contents of the Act; “Proper basis” obligations; Disclosure of documents.
Contract law
Petranis, Paris et al, Contract Law 2011. Audio CD, September 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 10 P 1)
Contents: The essential clauses to be included in commercial contracts; Knowing what to look for when reviewing commercial contracts; Common mistakes when drafting commercial contracts; Recent examples where poorly drafted contracts have resulted in litigation.
Criminal law
Heaton, Carl et al, CPD Compliance for Criminal Lawyers. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KM 500 H 1)
Contents: Ethics: criminal law and ethics – a contradiction in terms?; Professional skills: essentials of an effective plea; Practice management: managing experts in your criminal practice.
Employment law
Jenkins, Kate et al, CCH Essential Employment Law. Audio CD, May 2010, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 192 T 1)
Contents: Complying with the new National Employment Standards; The Fair Work Act 12 months on – the HR lessons learnt; Sexual harassment and bullying – minimising the risks for your business; Employees behaving badly – disclosure of confidential information and restraint of trade.
Family law
Holmes, Gerard et al, Family Law in Practice 2011. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 170 H 1)
Contents: Case law update; Understanding the child support system; Tax issues in family law property settlements; The how, when, and why of interim lump sum orders; Incorporating effective asset protection in business succession; Creating best practice shared parenting orders.
Walmsley, Bruce et al, CPD Compliance for Family Lawyers. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 170 W 1)
Contents: Practice management: insights into managing your family law practice; Professional skills: drafting binding financial agreements; Ethics: ethics for family lawyers.
Legal drafting
Newman, Jason, Drafting Indemnity and Insurance Clauses in Commercial Agreements. Audio CD, July 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KL 34.2 N 1)
Contents: Practical instruction on drafting indemnity and insurance clauses; Constructive tips and pitfalls to avoid.
Virgo, Julia., New Civil Dispute Resolution Act 2011 (Cth). Audio CD, September 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 398.6 V 1)
Contents: Key changes in the legislation; Differences between jurisdictions; Complying with the legislation.
Ziegelaar, Michael and Pryse, Michael., Advanced Negotiation Strategies 2011. Audio CD, March 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 256 Z 1)
Contents: Preparing for successful negotiation; Understanding interests; The process; Deadlines; Circuit breakers; Dealing with difficult situations.
Practice management
Hannon, Lisa et al, CPD Compliance For All Lawyers. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KB 105 H 1)
Contents: Supercharging your practice: internet marketing for lawyers; Professional ethics: resolving the conflict between common law duties owed to your client, and those owed by you to the court and to the administration of justice; Obtaining the right cost order.
Jasper, Colin, CPD Compliance for all Lawyers: Practice management – improving your pricing. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KL 89.3 J 1)
Contents: Contemporary theory and practice for the pricing of legal services; What it takes to justify your price position; The role, use and future of hourly rates; When to use a range of alternative fee arrangements; How to improve pricing outcomes in your practice.
Alford, Lindsey et al, CPD Compliance for Property Lawyers. Audio CD, March 2011, Legalwise Seminars, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 60 A 1)
Contents: Ethics: addressing the common ethical challenges facing property lawyers; Professional skills: maximising your drafting and tendering skills; Practice management and business skills: the 1, 2, 3 of extreme success for your firm.
Watson, Malcolm and Mammem, Michael, Advanced Conveyancing Workshop 2011. Audio CD, August 2011, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 2011 (Location: ACD KN 74 W 2)
Contents: Avoiding defects in section 32 statements; Issues with owner builders and plans of subdivision; Dealing with purchaser and vendor delays; GST and duty issues; Other conveyancing risk areas.


Articles may be requested online and will be emailed, faxed or mailed to members.

Commercial leases
Jenkin, Peter, “The top 10 confidentiality agreement mistakes” in Law letter, issue 114, Summer 2011, pp16-17 (ID 45121)

Outlines 10 mistakes commonly made when signing confidentiality agreements, which highlight the need for careful consideration of the document before signing.

McBratney, Malcolm and Downie, David, “An update with tips and traps in commercial leases” in Inhouse Counsel, vol 15 nos 2-3, November/December 2011, pp184-186 (ID 45186)

Tips and traps on rent reviews, disputes, land tax, assignment and repairs in relation to commercial leases.

Electronic commerce
Winning, John, “10 e-commerce tips for small business” in Nett, issue 4, November 2011, p66 (ID 45170)

Ten practical tips to assist with providing good customer service online, including using technology and social media.

Family law
Brierley, Christopher, “Family law: claims arising out of binding financial agreements” in Ethos, no 222, December 2011, pp16-17 (ID 45125)

Commentary on legislation and case notes on binding financial agreements in family settlement situations.

Personal property securities
Meehan, Lionel, “Circulating security interests under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) compared to floating charges” in Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice, vol 22 no 4, December 2011, pp322-329 (ID 45168)

Summarises some of the similarities and differences between floating charges and circulating security interests under the new Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

Restrictive covenants
Webb, Eileen, “Do not interfere with your neighbour’s view – you could fall foul of a restrictive covenant: Evans v Miller [2011] WASCA 89” in Australian Property Law Bulletin, vol 26 no 2-3, November/December 2011, pp30-31 (ID 45200)

Discusses the decision Evans v Miller [2011] WASCA 89 and an earlier case on neighbour disputes, diminished views and restrictive covenants.

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