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Legislation update

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Cite as: May 2011 85(5) LIJ, p.62

New Victorian Sessional Bills (as at 10/03/2011)

Country Fire Authority Amendment (Volunteer Charter) Bill [B1008]

Justice Legislation Amendment Bill [B1010]

Parliamentary Committees Amendment Bill [B1044]

Regional Growth Fund Bill [B1009]

New Victorian 2011 Regulations (as at 10/03/2011)

2011 No. 4 Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Amendment Regulations

2011 No. 5 Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Regulations

2011 No. 6 Supreme Court (Chapter VI Amendment No. 6) Rules

2011 No. 7 Supreme Court (Chapter I Amendment No. 23) Rules

2011 No. 8 Supreme Court (Chapter I Amendment No. 24) Rules

2011 No. 9 Travel Agents Amendment (Infringements) Regulations

2011 No. 10 Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers (Exemption) Amendment Regulations

2011 No. 11 Subordinate Legislation (Accident Compensation Regulations 2001 – Extension of Operation) Regulations

New Commonwealth 2011 Assents (as at 10/03/2011)

2011 No. 1 Aviation Crimes and Policing Legislation Amendment Act

2011 No. 2 Crimes Legislation Amendment Act

2011 No. 3 Law and Justice Legislation Amendment (Identity Crimes and Other Measures) Act

New Commonwealth 2011 Principal Regulations(as at 10/03/2011)

2011 No. 10 International Arbitration Regulations

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