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Cite as: May 2015 89 (5) LIJ, p.80


I have become passionate about mentoring because, as a young lawyer, being mentored by an experienced lawyer changed my attitude to the practice of law by providing me with the benefit of an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience, thus giving me the tools to work on my confidence and self esteem. This has changed my life.

I met Misty Royce through the Southern Solicitors Group, of which I have been privileged to be president for the past eight years. Misty and I were drawn together by mutual trust. Trust is the underlying ingredient in any relationship, not least in mentoring. She was in the process of a professional transition. I had already been a lawyer for many years.
Misty and I have had a very satisfying mentoring relationship. She has benefited from my experience as a lawyer and a woman practising law as a sole suburban practitioner. I, in turn, have benefited from her enthusiasm and youthful energy.

It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that I have watched Misty’s growth in confidence and self assurance and it is satisfying to know that Misty herself is now taking on a mentor role. With her own knowledge and experience she can in turn benefit others.

CELINA ROTH is president of the Southern Solicitors Group.


I met Celina through meetings and seminars of the Southern Solicitors Group. I admired Celina inject colour into the group with her welcoming attitude. Our relationship grew naturally and I was honoured to find that I had a mentor in Celina.

Over hot chocolates and the odd telephone call, Celina has helped me build confidence and fine-tune decision-making skills. It is comforting to have someone care about your development, and to discuss goals and bounce ideas around in a trusted space. As a result, I feel more connected to what I do and to the legal profession.

I see that the role of a mentor is not to tell their mentee what to do but to assist them in creating their own way, with the benefit of the mentor’s knowledge and hindsight. Celina does this well, by sharing her valuable work and life experience.

Through Celina, I also enjoy access to a wider network. Consequently, I can more quickly resolve challenges.

I have become an informal mentor to others and I draw on benefits I’ve gained from Celina.

MISTY ROYCE is an LIV councillor and principal solicitor of Misty Royce Law Practice.


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