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Cite as: (2005) 79(11) LIJ, p. 90

LIV Council

Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) Section chairs, or their representatives, attended the LIV Council meeting on 15 September. They updated Council on the activities of their Sections.

College of Law Victoria CEO Ian Angus and full-time lecturer Elspeth McNeil spoke about the Victorian Professional Program.

Other items discussed at Council included the LIV Legal Services delegation to China and title insurance.

Section round-up
Geoffrey Bonsall of the Family Law Section said progress had been made in addressing problems with the Family Court with the Section enjoying a good relationship with the Court. He said there was a good seminar series to be held in October. Mr Bonsall ran through some of the changes taking place in family law. He said there was a large number of individuals liaising with outside committees.

Reynah Tang, who represented the Commercial Law Section, said the Section was trying to get young lawyers to be more involved. The Section had been busy with the service trust issue.

The most important issue for the Litigation Section was the retirement of the Taxing Master, Bettina Evert said.

She said the Section would encourage the formation of a Tax Court.

The views of the Criminal Law Section were being sought and respected by a number of stakeholders in legislation change, Robert Melasecca said. However, as a result of the Criminal Law Section had experienced an extremely busy year. Mr Melasecca spoke about the many areas of criminal law being reviewed including the Bail Act, Commonwealth Evidence Act and committals. He said the courts were not coping with the volume of work and there were moves to alternative dispute resolution.

The Administrative Law and Human Rights Section was a diverse group representing various areas of law such as migration, human rights, disability and health law, Mary Edquist said.

She said the group had been very active, especially with the Charter of Rights project and migration issues.

Andrew Hudson of the International Law Committee said the Committee was hoping to become a Section. It had been active in commenting on free trade agreements with the US, China, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, ASEAN and Japan.

Council member Aurora Kostezky reported on the many aspects of legislation the Property Law Section had tackled during the year.

Young Lawyers’ Section president Catherine Dwyer said the Section had been extremely busy during the year and its next important event was the inaugural Negotiation Skills Competition to be held later in September. She invited Council members to attend the final round of the competition.

College of Law Victoria
College of Law Victoria CEO Ian Angus and full-time lecturer Elspeth McNeil gave a short presentation to Council on the Victorian Professional Program (VPP).

They summarised the key features of the VPP and how it works.

Both part-time and full-time online courses are offered. Mr Angus said by far the biggest response had been to the part-time course as it offered great flexibility for the participants.

He said the profile of the College and the VPP was increasing. It had been a tremendously exhilarating first six months, he said.

LIV Legal Services Delegation to China
Following the successful LIV delegation to China earlier this year, the LIV has been invited by the Victorian government through its Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) to organise and oversee a China Legal Services Delegation to Victoria in the second half of this year. The primary focus of the delegation is to provide an opportunity for Victorian law firms to showcase their talent in the provision of international legal services to Chinese law firms and potential clients through seminars and networking events focused on commercial law and foreign investment issues in Australia and Victoria. The state government has also approved, in principle, a further delegation to China in 2006.

Title insurance
Council discussed the issue of title insurance following an approach by a company with a proposal to endorse its title insurance products. Council resolved not to endorse such products.

What’s on at the LIV

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Professional Development

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CPD Scheme units
Programs are designed to meet the CPD Scheme requirements. The CPD Scheme Rules state the following in relation to claiming CPD units for attendance at professional development programs: “If this particular educational activity is relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of law, then you should claim one unit for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included”.

Young Lawyers

Upcoming Young Layers events can be viewed at

LIV Governance and Representation


President Tory Strong 9607 9367
Vice President Catherine Gale 9670 5000
Immediate Past President Chris Dale 9286 6164
Treasurer Geoff Provis 9609 1549
Executive Member Anthony Burke 9822 8588


Danny Barlow 5823 7600
David Faram 5821 4566
Carol Geyer 9605 2766
Iresha Herath 9643 4153
Aurora Kostezky 9670 0700
Tom May 9641 8917
Bill O’Shea 9276 3750
Christopher Penman 8344 7544
Tabatha Pettitt 9810 3322
Erskine Rodan 9329 8744
Dominique Saunders 9609 1598
Steven Stevens 9288 1241
Mark Woods 5174 6311


Eastern Suburbs Law Association Ron Rowe 9888 6088
Northern Suburbs Law Association John McClelland 9435 3811
North Western Solicitors Association George Conlan 9370 3636
Southern Solicitors Group Bill Rowson 9792 0755
Western Suburbs Law Association Peter Mecoles 9687 3211


Ballarat & District Law Association Rachael Edwards 5331 2966
Bendigo Law Association Andrew Pickles 5443 1766
Geelong Law Association Deb Anderson 5221 8777
Gippsland Law Association Jacqui Billings 5127 1944
Goulburn Valley Law Association Danny Barlow 5821 9544
Mornington Peninsula Solicitors Association Amanda Graham 9781 4222
North East Law Association Ian Watkins 5721 2149
North West Law Association Michael Holcroft 5022 2622
Western District Law Association James Nicol 5560 2029
Wimmera Law Association Simon Downing (secretary) 5382 0061


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