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Cite as: (2005) 79(11) LIJ, p. 70

This month we bring you five website reviews in line with the LIJ’s workplace relations theme, as well as the LIV online member service.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

This commonwealth government site is easy to navigate, with a clearly labelled catalogue on the front page. AIRC decisions can be accessed in full text from July 2000 onwards and Full Bench decisions are available from December 1997. Selected transcripts of hearings are obtainable 10 days after the hearing concludes. The following day’s hearings list is available from 4.30pm each day. The AIRC site also links to awards, including common rule awards. The Recent Items sections contain information such as lodging details and legislation updates. As with any site containing links to legislation, however, make sure you check for currency. At the time of reviewing this site, the Workplace Relations Act 1996 was two amendments out of date. the Australian government website for employment and workplace relations services for Australians brings together a wealth of government information presented in access streams designed for different users. The front page is simply laid out yet provides a great deal of information and clear navigation. There are four main access headings: for individuals, for organisations, by category and by actions, with the rest of the page providing current news headings and a list of features, all with links to further information. The range of information provided is extensive. There is also a link on the front page to the newly created website for the recent government initiative WorkChoices at

Australian Trade Union Archives – ATUA

If you are looking for information about an Australian industrial organisation, such as a trade union or an employer body, the chances are that you will find it on the Australian Trade Union Archives website. This resource has been designed as a gateway for researching labour history. The information available about industrial organisations and people (significant past and present players in Australian industrial relations are also included) incorporates historical information, published resources and current data. You can retrieve information by selecting “browse” then the relevant letter of the alphabet, or perform a search. If you need to research industrial developments and organisations in Australia, this a resource worth remembering.

AustLII Workplace Relations Law Project

This is one of the special projects pages available on AustLII. It brings together on one easy-to-use page links and search facilities for a range of materials on this topic held within, or indexed by, AustLII. The page provides broad access to Australian and international materials on workplace relations. Materials include legislation, case law and secondary sources. There is even a special section on the 1998 Australian Waterfront Dispute. You can search or browse each Australian jurisdiction using preset links. There are also related links to industrial law in Australia, which take you to an indexed catalogue of links on WorldLII; as well as industrial relations and labour law (“World”), another WorldLII page.

Comcare, Australian Government

The Comcare website is an excellent resource for information on workplace safety, rehabilitation and compensation. The site contains a large amount of information and many different types of documents, from legislation to procedures and forms. Each of the main subjects – safety, rehabilitation and compensation – have their own section, accessible from the links near the top of the screen. Within “Safety” for example, you can access news, guidance on topical safety issues, legislation and codes of practice. This section also includes handy links to procedures such as “How to notify an incident”. A wide range of forms can be downloaded from the Publications/Forms section. Forms are available in the areas of “Return to work” (RTW), “Agency update”, “Workers compensation claims” and “Permanent impairment”.

Member Services

The member services area is located in the members section of the LIV website. These pages include everything from practical advice on a range of topics, such as property law, to details on the counselling service offered to members for personal problems that may interfere with work performance. The LIV costing service page provides court fees and statutory scales of cost information.The meeting rooms page has details on the facilities, catering, and rates for meeting room hire at the LIV and members receive one hour of their total room booking free of charge. The practices and partnerships page contains details on advertising procedures for people selling or purchasing practices, and lists the practices, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions that are currently available. The member services pages are worth reviewing to ensure you are receiving the greatest benefit from your LIV membership.


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