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Job satisfaction v stress: how magistrates rate their job

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Cite as: (2004) 78(10) LIJ, p. 32

The first-ever national social survey of Australian magistrates reveals important information about many aspects of magistrates' work.

By Professor Kathy Mack and Professor Sharyn Roach Anleu

[1] In most jurisdictions, the court is called the Magistrates’ Court, except in New South Wales where it is the Local Court and in Western Australia where it is the Local Court for civil matters and the Court of Petty Sessions for criminal cases.

[2] This research was initially funded by a University Industry Research Collaborative Grant in 2001 with Flinders University and the Australian Association of Magistrates as the partners, and also received financial support from the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration. It is currently funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grant with AAM and all Chief Magistrates and their courts as industry partners with support from Flinders University as the host institution. Thanks to Ruth Harris, Deidre Amos, Mary McKenna and Rose Polkinghorne for research and administrative assistance.

[3] The Federal Magistrates Court is not involved in this project. At the time the project began the Federal Magistrates Court was new and not fully constituted. It has a substantially different jurisdiction from the state and territory courts, with a different relation to the superior courts and faces constitutional constraints not applicable to the state and territory courts.


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