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New books and articles of interest from the Law Institute of Victoria library.

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New books, seminar papers & audio CDs

The following items are available at the library. Unless otherwise indicated, they are available for loan to LIV members. The borrowing period is one week. You are welcome to reserve an item that is currently on loan.

White, Rob, Civil Litigation in the Magistrates’ Court. Seminar audio CDs,
31 May 2005, Law Institute of Victoria, 2006. (Location ACD 32)

Administration of estates
Brookhouse, Jennifer et al, Guide to Estate Planning, CCH Australia, 2004. (Location KN 337.35 B 1)

Administrative law
Douglas, Roger and Jones, Melinda, Douglas and Jones’ Administrative Law (5th edn), Federation Press, 2006. (Location KM 300 D 1 5)

Porter, Chester, The Gentle Art of Persuasion: How to argue effectively. Random House, 2005. (Location KL 93 P 3)

Bennett, JM, Sir William Stawell: Second Chief Justice of Victoria 1857-1886, Federation Press, 2004. (Location KB 15 B 3)

Business law
Ciro, Tony and Goldwasser, Vivien, Law and Business: Text and tutorials, Oxford University Press, 2004. (Location KN 250 C 2)

Berry, Peter and Blizzard, Monica, Family Court Practice and Procedure/Child related matters. Seminar audio CDs, 16 August 2005, Law Institute of Victoria, 2006. (Location ACD 31)

Corporations law
Corporate Duties Below Board Level, Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee, 2005. (Location KN 264 C 3)

Financial management
Mendel, Jonathan (ed), Australian Master Financial Planning Guide 2005/2006 (8th edn), CCH Australia, 2005. (Location KM 336.7 A 1 8)

Human rights
Williams, George, The Case for an Australian Bill of Rights: Freedom in the war on terror, UNSW Press, 2004. (Location KM 201.2 W 1)

Industrial law
Workplace Relations Legislation: Federal, LexisNexis, 2006. (Location KN 190 T 1 2. NOT FOR LOAN)

Insurance contracts
Hawke, Fred, Proposed Amendments to the Insurance Contracts Act. Seminar audio CDs, 4 April 2005, Law Institute of Victoria, 2006. (Location ACD 29)

Judicial review
The Scope of Judicial Review. Report to the Attorney-General, Administrative Review Council, 2006. (Location KM 306 T 1)

Cleveland, Peter, 50 Steps to Business Success. Entrepreneurial leadership in manageable bites, ECW Press, 2002. (Location KL 96 C 1)

Legal education
Wolski, Bobette, Field, David and Bahrij, John, Legal Skills: A practical guide for students, Lawbook Co, 2006. (Location KL 90 W 1)

Legal systems
Glenn, Patrick, Legal Traditions of the World (2nd edn), Oxford University Press, 2004. (Location KB 100 G 1)

Melasecca, Rob and Petrovich, Serge, How to Negotiate with Police. How to Appear at a Bail Application. Seminar audio CDs, 20 September 2005, Law Institute of Victoria, 2006. (Location ACD 33)

McKenzie, Fiona, Administrative Power and the Law. A succinct guide to administrative law, Australian Law in Practice, 2006. (Location KM 300 M 1)

Probate law and practice
Kaufman, John, McNab, Stewart and Were, David, Probate Practice Manual, Leo Cussen Institute, 2006. (Location KN 127 K 1)

Summary offences

Petrovich, Serge, Defending Summary Prosecutions. Seminar audio CDs, 14 June 2005, Law Institute of Victoria, 2006. (Location ACD 30)


Members may obtain copies of the following articles. Call us or visit the library on the lower ground floor, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Please quote the ID number of the article. Cost of having articles copied and sent to members: 55 cents per page with a minimum charge of $11. Alternatively, use onsite self-service copying at 25 cents per page. For your convenience a copyright declaration/article request form is available on the LIV website Please complete and submit this form via email or fax.

Aged care
Jackson, John and Tieman, George, “Residential aged care: planning perspectives and challenges” in Planning News, vol 32 no 5, June 2006, pp10-11. (ID No 4568)

Findings from research into the provision of residential aged care and the planning permit approval process are presented in this article. The research raises a number of concerns due to shortcomings in the system, delays and a lack of certainty.

Awards; Workplace regulation
Catanzariti, Joe, “Changes to awards: simplification or complication?” in Industrial Law News, issue 5, 25 May 2006, pp1-4. (ID No 4572)
Changes to workplace awards as a result of WorkChoices are explored. The author looks at award rationalisation under the new regime and answers the questions: does an award apply to you? and what award terms now operate?

Child abuse; Nursing
Mathews, Ben, Walsh, Kerryann and Fraser, Jennifer, “Mandatory reporting by nurses of child abuse and neglect” in Journal of Law and Medicine, vol 13 no 4, 2006, pp505-517. (ID No 4573)
The legal obligations that compel nurses to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect are examined. The author compares the law in Australian jurisdictions, reflects on overseas studies and discusses problematic features of the system.

Class actions; Consumer law
Hamer, David, “International consumer class action settlements: a cautionary note from Canada” in Australian Product Liability Reporter, vol 17 no 4, May 2006, pp60-62. (ID No 4580)
A Canadian action involving McDonalds restaurants provides a warning about settling consumer class actions that have a trans-border aspect.

Costs; De facto relationships
Harland, Alexandra, “Costs” in Australian De Facto Relationships News, issue 123, 6 June 2006, pp1-3. (ID No 4577)
The author reviews several important NSW decisions on costs in de facto matters.

Family law; Law reform
Turnball, Chris, “The new face of parenting” in Proctor, vol 26 no 5, June 2006, pp15-16. (ID No 4569)
This article breaks down the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 and considers the potential for change.

Industrial relations; Constitutional powers
Barnett, Darrell, “The corporations power and federalism: key aspects of the constitutional validity of the Work Choices Act” in University of NSW Law Journal, vol 29 no 1, 2006, pp91-127. (ID No 4581)
This investigation into the constitutional validity of WorkChoices looks at the scope of the Work Choices Act, characterisation, corporations power, the regulation of natural persons, arbitration and state laws.

Industrial relations; Dispute resolution
Coulthard, Amanda, “The changing role of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in resolving workplace disputes” in ADR Bulletin, vol 8 no 8, 2006, pp151-154. (ID No 4571)
The functions of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) have been limited by the WorkChoices legislation. This article looks at the changed role of the AIRC and how this will affect the processes for resolving workplace disputes.

Intellectual property
Jenkins, Julia and Owens, Jane, “Significant proposed changes to Australian IP law” in The Business Adviser, issue 4, 2 June 2006, pp8-10. (ID No 4575)
The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2006 (Cth) proposes significant amendments to intellectual property law in Australia, particularly to the Patents Act 1990 (Cth) and the Trade Marks Act 1990 (Cth).

Legal profession
Ross, David, “Lawyers’ misbehaviour in court and out” in Criminal Law Journal, vol 30 no 3, 2006, pp170-180. (ID No 4579)
Conduct that leads to disciplinary action against legal practitioners is discussed. A number of cases from both Australia and overseas exemplify misbehaviour by practitioners during life as a legal professional and before admission.

Mediation; Immunity
Carroll, Robyn, “The end to legal immunity for family and child mediators – how and why?” in ADR Bulletin, vol 8 no 8, April 2006, pp145-150. (ID No 4578)
The Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Bill 2005 (Cth) removes the statutory immunity currently conferred on family and child dispute resolution practitioners.

Self-managed funds
Orchard, Susan, “Are you complying?” in Charter, June 2006, pp66-67. (ID No 4582)
The Auditing and Assurance Standards are legally enforceable from 1 July 2006. Auditors of self-managed superannuation funds should review their compliance with the standards.


de Haan, Philip, “The proposed new superannuation system” in CCH Tax Week, issue 22,
8 June 2006, pp1-7. (ID No 4574)
A proposal to significantly change the superannuation system was announced in the May 2006 federal Budget. This article provides a broad summary of the proposed changes.

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