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Nominate injustice


Cite as: September 2014 88 (09) LIJ, p.16

Lawyers are being asked to nominate potential wrongful criminal convictions for review by a panel of academics, law students and volunteer legal practitioners.

RMIT University has teamed up with the Bridge of Hope Foundation, a charity committed to criminal justice reform and support for disadvantaged youth.

The Innocence Initiative will examine cases where a person may have been wrongfully convicted and assist in exonerating that person if there is evidence of a wrongful conviction.

The joint venture is based on the work of organisations overseas which investigate claims of wrongful conviction and campaign for reform of issues that lead to these injustices.

In Australia there have been cases of miscarriage of justice. In 2009 20-year-old Farah Jama spent 15 months in prison after being convicted of rape as the result of a DNA mix-up. Mr Jama was released in 2010 and a review of all Victoria Police DNA evidence ordered.

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