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LIV President's Blog 2012

LIV President's Blog 2013

Reynah Tang, LIV President 2013 on the latest issues and topics. Read and comment.

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Reputation: The cornerstone of a lawyer’s practice and a firm’s identity

Reputation: The cornerstone of a lawyer’s practice and a firm’s identity
As most lawyers know, it takes many years, much hard work and the highest of professional and personal standards to establish one’s reputation – and then more of the same, day in, day out, to maintain it.
Today marks the official launch of the LIV Reputation Project, an initiative to advise the public about the true nature of the legal profession and the positive contributions that lawyers make to the community.
Supporting your reputation
The LIV believes it has a key role to play in supporting its members not only in the establishment and maintenance of their reputation, but also in promoting the reputation and standing of lawyers to the broader community. With this in mind, the LIV has today proudly launched a new initiative “Your Reputation”.
The initiative will inform members of the public of the good works lawyers do and the unique and unequalled skills lawyers bring to bear in the work they do for the benefit of clients. The launching pad for this initiative is a new section of the LIV website called “Find your Lawyer”.

Community outreach 
Here, members of the public will find information on how to choose a lawyer, legal fact sheets on multiple areas of practice, information on Accredited Specialists and more.  The public will also be able to use this part of the website to access the LIV’s Legal Referral Service and online directories.
The public will also be able to watch videos of lawyers explaining the work they do and what skills and experience they, as lawyers, bring to bear for the benefit of clients. The first “Find your Lawyer” video is on property law and features five LIV members.

Social media engagement 
The LIV is very mindful that there is no point in building a website if people do not know it is there. With this in mind, the website will be publicised broadly with a strong emphasis on using various social media channels to engage and interact with the public. As part of this campaign, we have broken new ground by engaging with influential bloggers who will help spread the “Find your Lawyer” message and more broadly help educate the public as to the valuable work lawyers undertake.
Changing the perception of the profession
This project is the result of detailed research undertaken by the LIV over the last two years. Research involved national and international investigation; listening to social media channels to gather information on community perception; and a review of reputation campaigns undertaken by other professional associations.
The LIV believes that the contribution the legal profession makes through pro-bono work and putting forward ideas and suggestions for improvements to the legal system isn’t fully appreciated by most Victorians. The LIV Reputation Project broadly aims to educate Victorians on what the legal profession means to the state in a wider sense, and attempts to discredit the elitist, conservative tags research has shown that the legal profession attracts.
What we have launched today is but the beginning of a sustained reputation campaign by the LIV on behalf of its members. While we will never put an end to jokes about lawyers and sharks, we are sure, based on our research and initiatives so far, that this project will be of lasting benefit to our members and the community at large.
I welcome your feedback for the ongoing campaign and to find out more or get involved in the project email
What do you think shapes the public perception of lawyers?
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David O'Meara
Doubtless there are many factors which shape the public perception of lawyers but here are a few of them - American films depicting lawyers (e.g. "A few good men", "The client"); American television programs (e.g. "The good wife"), British television programs (e.g. "Judge John Deed", "Silk"), Australian films (e.g. "The castle"), Australian television programs (e.g. "Rake", "Crownies"), sundry novels (e.g. those by John Grisham) and Australian mass media coverage of lawyers who are members of various parliaments across Australia.
21/04/2013 10:24:43 PM

Ana Percic
I think this is a fantastic initiative.
I was just having a conversation the other day with a family member about how frustrating it is when you encounter negative stereotypical public perceptions after all the hard work you do day in and day out (and plenty weekends).
I had come to the conclusion that the gulf of misunderstanding between lawyers and non lawyers was just too great and would never be resolved. I am hopeful that this initiative will help.
I also think it could help improve mental health for lawyers - as this has to be one of the most difficult and thankless jobs out there.
Thank you!
12/04/2013 11:57:59 AM

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