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Advertising your Accredited Specialisation is a key way to ensure that the profession and the community recognise your enhanced skill level.

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Ensure that you are meeting your ongoing requirements and CPD obligations to maintain your Accredited Specialist status.

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Make the most of your status and learn about other opportunities for LIV Accredited Specialists, including mutual recognition and credit pathways.

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About Accredited Specialisation

The Accredited Specialisation program has operated for more than 25 years and now accredits more than 1000 specialists across 16 areas of law. Your distinction as an LIV accredited specialist allows you to be recognised as having an enhanced skill level and experience in your area.

The LIV requires specialists to demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and proficiency in a particular area of law to ensure that recognition as an accredited specialist is meaningful and reliable.

National Accreditation

Since the LIV introduced the Accredited Specialisation program in 1989, law societies in other states have followed suit. Family law, immigration law, mediation and tax law are currently offered on a national basis, with workplace relations building strength on a national level. The Specialisation Board supports accreditation on a national scale by sharing information and resources and seeking common ground on policy and procedural matters. The LIV maintains a leadership role in the accreditation of interstate specialists – and the law societies Victoria has a relationship with.

Mutual Recognition

The mutual recognition scheme has been developed by the law societies in each state to assist practitioners who wish to have their specialist accreditation gained in one state recognised in another state. You may be moving interstate or your firm may deal with clients from both states. For more information about conditions for recognition and fees, please view the Mutual Recognition Fact Sheet.

Credit Pathways

Accredited Specialists may be interested in the reciprocal credit pathways recently introduced between the Specialisation Board and some Victorian universities and other tertiary institutions. The credit pathways are offered at a Master level both for accredited specialists commencing a Master of Laws (LLM) and LLM graduates commencing the Accredited Specialisation program. More information is available on the Further Education & Recognition page.


If you have any questions about your specialisation, or want to know more about upcoming activities and events for accredited specialists, please contact the Accredited Specialisation department at:

T: 03 9607 9460

Upcoming Events View All Events

  • Criminal Law – Year in Review

    This special Year in Review event will unpack the key developments from the last 12 months and share knowledge that will set you up for the year ahead.

    Tue 12 Nov - 05:30 PM
    LIV Members' Floor

    Level 13, 140 William Street, Melbourne

  • Wills and Estates – Year in Review

    Are you an Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates or an experienced practitioner in this area? Don't miss this special Year in Review Breakfast with the Experts.

    Tue 19 Nov - 07:30 AM
    LIV Members' Floor

    Level 13, 140 William Street, Melbourne

  • Business Law and Commercial Litigation – Year in Review

    Join us for a very special Breakfast with the Experts as we the unpack key developments from the last 12 months and share knowledge that will set you up for the year ahead.

    Wed 20 Nov - 07:30 AM
    LIV Members' Floor

    Level 13, 140 William Street, Melbourne

  • Prospective Accredited Specialist Networking Evening

    Accredited Specialisation offers the opportunity to set yourself apart as an expert in your area of law. If you have 4+ years of post-admission experience and are interested in applying for accredited specialisation in 2020, we invite you to join us for an informal networking evening at the LIV.

    Wed 30 Oct - 05:30 PM
    LIV Conference Room

    Level 13, 140 William Street

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  • Upcoming Accredited Specialisation Events

    Learn about upcoming Accredited Specialisation information sessions, professional development and other programs and events specifically designed for Accredited Specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become an Accredited Specialist?

    For information about becoming an Accredited Specialist plese click here.

  • Can I apply for an exemption from CPD Requirements if I am an Accredited Specialist?

    Accredited Specialists who seek a leave of absence, are required to satisfy the Continuing Professional Development requirements for continuing accreditation as an Accredited Specialist in accordance with the Specialisation Scheme Rules, for the period whilst on a leave of absence.  Exemptions from this requirement are dealt with on a case by case basis, refer to rule 5.8.5 of the Specialisation Scheme Rules for details.

  • Can I practise in another state as an accredited specialist

    The mutual recognition policy provides a framework for Accredited Specialisation in one state to be recognised in other states. The outcome of recognition is that legal practitioners may, subject to conditions, be eligible to hold Accredited Specialisation in more than one state. On an ongoing basis, renewal of each Accredited Specialisation is the responsibility of each state in which Accredited Specialisation is held. Please review the Mutual Recognition Fact Sheet or contact our office or 03 9607 9460 for further details.

  • How do I apply for mutual recognition with the LIV?

    To gain mutual recognition, you need to submit a formal request seeking mutual recognition. Your request will then be considered by the Advisory Committee and the Specialisation Board. The request may be drafted around your background, the area of specialisation you are seeking mutual recognition, evidence of your current specialisation, work undertaken in the area of specialisation in Victoria and your reason for requesting mutual recognition.

    Your request should be addressed to the Secretary to the Specialisation Board and sent to the below address:

    Accredited Specialisation
    Law Institute of Victoria
    Level 13, 140 William Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

  • Which tertiary institutions offer credit pathways for specialists commencing an LLM?

    The following tertiary institutions offer credit pathways for accredited specialists commencing a Master of Laws. For further information, please contact the institution directly.

    • The College of Law have granted LIV accredited specialists in family law and commercial litigation two units of unspecified credit in a Master of Applied Law (family law and commercial litigation respectively).
    • The Deakin School of Law will grant accredited specialists grant accredited specialists four prior learning credits towards a Masters of Law qualification, as well as a 10 per cent discount towards any postgraduate course fees (excluding higher degree research programs) within Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law.
    • The La Trobe School of Law will grant practitioners who have attained their LIV specialist accreditation within the last three years a one subject credit towards an LLM degree.
  • What support does the LIV provide for specialists who start their own practice?

    The Accredited Specialisation department provides specialists with access to Accredited Specialisation brochures and the accredited specialist logo with guidelines on how the logo can be used to help practitioners develop their marketing and promotional materials.

  • What are the requirements to become an Advisory Committee member?

    A practitioner appointed to an Advisory Committee must be an accredited specialist in the area of practice concerned, unless accreditation has not been made available in that area of practice. Nomination for Committee membership is advertised and specialists can apply by submitting a completed Advisory Committee Nomination form with a short CV to

  • Are there any annual fees for accredited specialists?

    Accredited specialists are required to pay an annual fee of $420 (GST incl), in addition to LIV's membership renewal fee.  This is included in your membership renewal notice.

    Accredited specialists who apply for a leave of absence: If your circumstances change once you have gained accreditation, you are required to pay an annual fee of $110 (GST incl) payable at membership renewal time.

  • When should I submit a Leave of Absence form?

    An accredited specialist who is unable to satisfy the conditions for maintaining accreditation due to a change in circumstance involving their level of involvement in their area of accreditation must, in order for the accreditation to continue, apply in writing to the Board for a leave of absence of up to two consecutive years. Section 5.8 of the Specialisation Scheme Rules outlines the Leave of Absence rules.

  • When should I submit a Return from Leave of Absence form?

    No later than 28 days prior to the expiration of the leave of absence period, the specialist must make a written application (Return from Leave of Absence form) to the Board for approval of their return from a leave of absence as an accredited specialist. With the Return from Leave of Absence form, it is required to include evidence of continuing professional development unless such compliance has been waived or varied by the Board and any further conditions or terms imposed pursuant to Specialisation Scheme Rule 5.8.4 and evidence of their ability to comply in the next six months with Specialisation Scheme Rule 5.4.