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LIV facilities open from 29 November 2021.

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Though the LIV Library remains temporarily closed and access to hardcopy items remains unavailable, eligible LIV members can still borrow from the library's eBooks collection and access electronic resources. Browse our list of recently added eBooks and electronic articles.


New eBooks

Australian master tax guide: tax year-end
Publisher: CCH Australia
Year: 2021

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Labour and Employment Law Manual
Author: Joydeep Hor
Publisher: CCH Australia
Year: 2020

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Michael Tooma on Mental Health
Author: Michael Tooma
Publisher: CCH Australia
Year: 2020

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Workplace investigations
Author: Jodie Fox, Jason Clark, Rose Bryant-Smith, et al
Publisher: CCH Australia
Year: 2020

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Mergers and acquisitions
Author: Nick Humphrey
Publisher: CCH Australia
Year: 2018

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New Articles

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Pandemics -- Commercial Leases -- Force Majeure Clauses
Duncan, Bill, Christensen, Sharon, “Spotlight: force majeure in leases and COVID-19 lockdowns: is a reallocation of commercial risk a potential outcome?” in Australian Property Law Bulletin, vol 36 no 6, August 2021, pp.75-79 (ID 89231)

Sexual Harassment -- Discrimination in Employment
Breen, Megan, “Tools to stamp out sexual harassment” in In the Black, August 2021, pp.42-47 (ID 89110)

Human Rights -- Slavery -- Ethics
Piccolo, Raffaele, “A decade on from the guiding principles on business and human rights (UNGPs): is consensus still lacking?” in Bulletin, Law Society of South Australia, vol 43 no 7, August 2021, pp.14-17 (ID 89139)

Climate Change -- Litigation -- Corporate Social Responsibility
Schwarz, Kirrily, “Greenwashing: a new climate change risk for lawyers” in LSJ (NSW) no 80, August 2021, pp. 42-45 (ID 89094)

Good Faith
Coorey, Adrian, “The meaning of good faith in different contexts” in Competition & Consumer Law News, vol 37, no 2-3, August 2021, pp. 30-34 (ID 89348)

Climate Change -- Directors’ Duties
Mead, Nicole, “Responding to the iceberg illusion: businesses’ responsibilities to assess and address climate risks” in Bulletin, Law Society of South Australia, vol 43 no 7, August 2021 (ID 89160)

Disabled Persons -- Access to Justice
Grills, Morwenna, Barnett, James, “Accommodating disabled and deaf people to access justice” in LawTalk, no 946, Winter 2021, pp.34-37 (ID 89008)

Whistle Blowing
McDonnell, Justin, Johnson, Kione, “Confidentiality protections for whistleblowers
require actual knowledge: Quinlan v ERM Power Ltd” in Privacy Law Bulletin, vol 18 no 4, July 2021, pp. 70-72 (ID 89232)

Family Law -- Internet -- Technological Change
Hamilton, Richard, Trantino, Erin, “Family law and the internet” in Internet Law Bulletin, vol 24 no 2, July 2021, pp. 24-26 (ID 89066)

Employment Law -- Liability -- Holding Companies
Estreicher, Samuel, Saady, Nicholas, “Liability of multiple persons for workplace law violations: some perspective from the United States of America” in Employment Law Bulletin vol 26 no 5, July 2021, pp. 46-54 (ID 88934)

Law Reform -- Health Care -- Disclosure
Cockburn, Tina, “Statutory duty of candour to mandate open disclosure proposed for Victoria” in Australian Health Law Bulletin, vol 29 no 5-6, July 2021, pp.97-102 (ID 89110)

Immunisation -- Pandemics -- Fair Work
Smith, Matthew; Giles, Matthew, Thomas, Lachlan, “Vaccine refusal justifies sacking” in Australian Health Law Bulletin, vol 29, no 5-6, July 2021, pp. 78-81 (ID 89110)

Workplace -- Compensation -- Sexual Harassment
Costaras, Diana, “Giving the power back: compensation for sexual harassment” in Precedent no 164 May / June 2021, pp. 10-15 (ID 89120)

Constitutional Law -- Pandemics -- Borders
Reynolds, Daniel, “Defining the limits of section 117 of the Constitution: The need
for a theory of the role of states” in University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol 44 no 2, 2021, p. 786-810 (ID 89158)

Family Courts -- Enforcement -- Prosecutions
Rodrick, Sharon, Sifris, Adiva, Parker, Anna, “Exploring the enforcement of s 121 of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)” in Australian Bar Review, vol 50 no 2, 2021, pp. 391-414 (ID 89136)

Torts -- Privacy -- Jurisprudence
Lerch, Aiden, “The judicial law-making function and a tort of invasion of personal privacy” in Sydney Law Review, vol 41 no 2, 2021, pp.133-161 (ID 89156)

Subrogation -- Equity -- Remedies
Hope, Neil Samuel, “The mystique of equitable subrogation with respect to extinguished common law rights: Time for a new label – The equitable indemnity principle” in Canberra Law Review, vol 18 no 1, 2021, pp. 91-109 (ID 89073)

Traffic Accidents -- Artificial Intelligence -- Liability
Qian, Jingjing, Zeleznikow, John, “Who shares legal liability for road accidents caused by drivers assisted by artificial intelligence software” in Canberra Law Review, vol 18 no 1, 2021, pp. 18-35 (ID 89075)

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(Last updated: 17 September 2021)