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New eMaterial

New electronic material is constantly being added to remote access databases, as well as databases accessible only in the library. While the library is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and these databases are inaccessible, please complete a document request form and email it to the library if you would like a digital copy of one of the listed articles. This service is free for LIV members.

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New Electronic Articles

Regulatory compliance in a COVID-19 crisis
Author: Eden, Penelope
Journal: Australian Health Law Bulletin, vol 28 no 2, July 2020, pp22-25 (ID 85238)
Subject: Aged Care -- Pandemics -- Compliance 

Whether, when and how to appeal                                    
Author: Glissan, Kimberly, Glissan, James
Journal: Precedent no 158 June 2020, pp4-9 (ID 85139)
Subject: Appeals -- Practice & Procedure

The effect of bankruptcy and liquidation on trust property: Recent High Court judgments and implications for insolvency practitioners and post-appointment dealings and dispositions
Author: Wellard, Mark
Journal: Insolvency Law Journal, vol 28, no 1, 2020, pp29-40 (ID 85405)
Subject: Bankruptcy -- Liquidation -- Trusts -- Beneficial Interests

Accidentally, incidentally or indirectly sidestepping the 10-year limitation period for building actions
Author: Downie, Andrew
Journal: Australian Construction Law Bulletin, vol 31 No 5, 2020, pp63-66 (ID 85153)
Subject: Building & Construction -- Defects -- Limitation Periods

Fitness for purpose: who assumes liability for a non-standard third-party error?
Author: Fan, Kevin
Journal: Australian Construction Law Bulletin, vol 31 No 6, 2020, pp72-76 (ID 85342)
Subject: Building Contracts -- Warranties -- Liability -- Third Parties

If only caveats could speak
Author: Harding, Brett
Journal: Australian Law Journal, vol 94, no 7, 2020, pp489-493 (ID 85322)
Subject: Caveats -- Contracts of Sale

Extraordinary” circumstances - the first judicial response to COVID-19 rent relief
Author: Giutronich, Tatjana, Berman, Claudia
Journal: Australian Property Law Bulletin, vol 35 no 6, July 2020, pp114-118 (ID 85281)
Subject: Commercial Leases -- Insolvency -- Pandemics

Commercial litigation and COVID-19 – the role and limits of technology
Author: Legg, Michael, Song, Anthony
Journal: Australian Business Law Review, vol 48 no 2, 2020, pp159-168 (ID 85236)
Subject: Commercial Litigation -- Pandemics -- Courtroom Technology

Artificial intelligence: Painting the bigger picture for copyright ownership
Author: White, Courtney, Matulionyte, Rita
Journal: Australian Intellectual Property Journal, vol 30 no 4, J2020, pp224-242 (ID 85359)
Subject: Copyright -- Artificial Intelligence -- Ownership

The “Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material” amendment effect on communication
Author: Grumetza, Jacob
Journal: Internet Law Bulletin, vol 23 no 1, July 2020, pp17-22 (ID 85377)
Subject: Criminal Liability -- Internet Service Providers -- Freedom of Communication

The challenges of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic for Australia’s franchise sector Author: Buchan, Jenny, Nicholls, Rob
Journal: Australian Business Law Review, vol 48 no 2, 2020, pp126-137 (ID 85227)
Subject: Franchising -- Pandemics

Industrial Relations after COVID-19
Author: Ryan, Craig
Journal: Workplace Review, vol 10 no 1, 2020, pp21-26 (ID 85404)
Subject: Industrial Relations -- Pandemics -- Government Policy

Test cases to consider COVID-19-related business interruption insurance coverage
Author: Terracall, Lucy, Gomo, Claire
Journal: Inhouse Counsel, vol 24 no 3, June 2020, pp35-36 (ID 85344)
Subject: Insurance Claims -- Pandemics -- Comparative Law

Contradicting canons: text, context and Oceanview
Author: Field, Alexander, Giblett, Ray, Chan, Timothy
Journal: Australian Insurance Law Bulletin, vol 36 no 3, July 2020, pp37-42 (ID 85274)
Subject: Insurance Contracts -- Legal Language

The Wayback Machine: Pinnacle and Dyno cases give hope for future use of internet archive evidence
Author: McDonald, Angela
Journal: Internet Law Bulletin, vol 23 no 1, July 2020, pp2-4 (ID 85397)
Subject: Internet -- Web Site -- Archives -- Evidence

Lawyers, wellness and high trust professional relationships
Author: Morrow, Emily
Journal: LawTalk, no 942, August 2020, pp40-41 (ID 85423)
Subject: Lawyers -- Communication -- Health

The mandatory repair scheme for motor vehicles 2019: Australia's first response to the International Right to Repair Movement?
Author: Wiseman, Leanne, Kariyawasam, Kanchana, Davey, Lucas
Journal: Australian Business Law Review, vol 48 no 3 ,2020, pp218-233 (ID 85351)
Subject: Motor Vehicles -- Information -- Comparative Law

The devil you know is not better – The non-consensual distribution of intimate images and sentencing
Author: Bromberg, Marilyn
Journal: Criminal Law Journal, vol 44 no 3, 2020, pp173-188 (ID 85406)
Subject: Pornography (images) -- Electronic Communication -- Sentencing -- Victims

Proportionate liability: Procedural or substantive?
Author: Delany, Ella
Journal: Building and construction law journal, vol 36, no 2, 2020, pp80-95 (ID 85408)
Subject: Proportionate Liability -- Building & Construction -- Litigation


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