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New electronic material is constantly being added to remote access databases, as well as databases accessible only in the library. While the library is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and these databases are inaccessible, please complete a document suppy form and email it to the library if you would like a digital copy of one of the listed articles. This service is free for LIV members.

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New Electronic Articles

Culturally appropriate responses to criminal offending
Author: Jarro, Nathan, Atkinson, Julia
Journal: Precedent no 159 August 2020, pp28-31 (ID 85709)
Subject: Aborigines -- Criminal Justice System -- Sentencing
Is it time to embrace automated decision-making?
Author: Schwarz, Kirrily
Journal: LSJ (NSW) no 71, October 2020, pp37-39 (ID 86019)
Subject: Artificial Intelligence Law Office Automation

Groundless threats — Emperor Palpatine: "Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"
Author: Coorey, Adrian
Journal: Competition & Consumer Law News, vol 36 no 2, August 2020, pp22 (ID 85664)
Subject: Australian Consumer -- Intellectual Property -- Misleading Conduct

Are Australian gift cards refundable after their expiry?
Author: Wen, Wei
Journal: Alternative Law Journal, vol 45 no 2, 2020, pp114-118 (ID 85964)
Subject: Australian Consumer Law

Bail in the time of COVID-19
Author: Murphy, Brendon, Ferrari, Tahlia
Journal: Criminal Law Journal, vol 44 no 4, 2020, pp247-263 (ID 85938)
Subject: Bail -- Pandemics -- Comparative Law

A Company v X, Y, Z
Author: Gallina, Nicholas
Journal: Australian Construction Law Bulletin, vol 31 No 8, September 2020, pp86-87 (ID 85883)
Subject: Building Contracts -- Expert Witnesses -- Fiduciary Relationships

Australian family law court decisions about relocation: parents experiences and some implications for policy
Author: Smyth, Bruce, Behrens, Juliet
Journal: Federal Law Review, vol 38 no 1, 2010, pp1-20 (ID 86005)
Subject: Child Custody -- Parental Access

Class actions and litigation funding: the new state of play in Australia
Author: Walsh, Katie
Journal: LSJ (NSW) no 69, August 2020, pp34-37 (ID 85461)
Subject: Class Actions -- Contingency Fees

Are directors' going concern financial statement note disclosures informative? Evidence from voluntary administrations
Author: Routledge, James
Journal: Insolvency Law Journal, vol 28, no 2, 2020, pp57-68 (ID 85640)
Subject: Company Directors -- Financial Disclosure

Treating vulnerable consumers fairly when they make a complaint about banking or finance in Australia
Author: Sourdin, Tania, Atherton, Mirella
Journal: Bond Law Review, vol 32 no 1, 2020, pp1-32 (ID 85974)
Subject: Consumer Protection -- Dispute Resolution -- Financial and banking Services

Vulnerability, autonomy and protection: the role of actual and hypothetical contracts in the duty of care to protect against pure economic loss
Author: Jackman, Alexander
Journal: Australian Bar Review, vol 49 no 1, 2020, pp82-116 (ID 85916)
Subject: Contract Law -- Economic Loss

Some rights and liabilities of co-owners
Author: Pilkington, Timothy
Journal: Australian Law Journal, vol 94, no 9, 2020, pp658-661 (ID 85905)
Subject: Co-ownership

Rescuing reasonable notice in indefinite employment contracts
Author: Munton, Joellen Riley
Journal: Commercial Law Quarterly, vol 34 no 2, August 2020, pp3-11 (ID 67223)
Subject: Employment Contracts -- Implied Terms -- Notices

When is a complaint of adverse action under the general protections "able to" be made? Section 341(1)(c)(ii) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and PIA Mortgage Services v King
Author: Goodwin, Emma
Journal: Employment Law Bulletin, vol 25 no 9, September 2020, pp98-103 (ID 85942)
Subject: Fair Work -- Adverse Action

Australia's franchising code of conduct review - a continuation down the path of jamming a square peg into a round hole?
Author: Buchan, Jenny
Journal: Australian Business Law Review, vol 48 no 5, 2020, pp393-399 (ID 85902)
Subject: Franchising Code of Conduct

Keep your (horse) hair on?: Experimental evidence on the effect of exposure to legitimising symbols on diffuse support for the high court
Author: Nielsen, Ingrid, Robinson, Zoe, Smyth, Russell
Journal: Federal Law Review, vol 48 no 3, September 2020,  pp382-400 (ID 86008)
Subject: High Court -- Administration of Justice -- Court Dress

The new General Insurance Code of Practice 2020 — a summary of the key changes
Author: Freeman, Iain, Madden, Lorraine
Journal: Australian Insurance Law Bulletin, vol 36 no 5, September 2020, pp85-86 (ID 85885)
Subject: Insurance -- Codes of Practice

A necessary harmonised criminalisation of online acts precursor of terrorism
Author: Couzigou, Irene
Journal: Internet Law Bulletin, vol 23 no 3, August 2020, pp46-49 (ID 85993)
Subject: Internet -- Terrorism

Understanding the relationship between deceased estates and super benefits in drafting a will
Author: Davis, Noel
Journal: LSJ (NSW) no 70, September 2020, pp78-79 (ID 85704)
Subject: Deceased Estates -- Superannuation Benefits -- Will Drafting

Victoria’s new workplace manslaughter laws: it’s all in the messaging
Author: Windholz, Eric L.
Journal: Employment Law Bulletin, vol 25 no 8, August 2020, pp87-91 (ID 85494)
Subject: Employment Law -- Occupational Health and Safety -- Manslaughter

Risky business: the potential consequences of contravening a modern award
Author: Barolsky, Joel
Journal: Brief, vol 47 no 4, August 2020, pp12-17 (ID 85727)
Subject: Fair Work -- Industrial Awards

Recession proof? How law firms are weathering COVID-19
Author: McKeith, Sam
Journal: LSJ (NSW) no 70, September 2020, pp34-37 (ID 85693)
Subject: Law Firms -- Management Strategies -- Pandemics

The future of legal education in the 21st century
Author: Goldsworthy, Daniel
Journal: Adelaide Law Review, vol 41 no 1, 2020, pp243-265 (ID 85962)
Subject: Legal Education -- Technological Change

Finding fault in marital property law: a little bit of history repeating?
Author: Alves-Perini, Nell, Harrison, Margaret, Rhoades, Helen, et al
Journal: Federal Law Review, vol 34 no 3, 2006, pp377-398 (ID 86006)
Subject: Matrimonial Property

COVID-19: criminal law, public assemblies and human rights litigation
Author: Freckelton, Ian
Journal: Journal of Law and Medicine, vol 27 no 4, 2020, pp790-806 (ID 85606)
Subject: Pandemics -- Criminal Law -- Human Rights

Digital signatures in the COVID-19 world
Author: Harrison, Charles, Slattery, Martin
Journal: Privacy Law Bulletin, vol 17 no 4, July 2020, pp57-59 (ID 85516)
Subject: Pandemics -- Digital Signatures

Patentability of software in Australia – is the picture now clearer?
Author: Couzigou, Irene
Journal: Internet Law Bulletin, vol 23 no 3, August 2020, pp51-53 (ID 85994)
Subject: Patent law -- Computer Software

Another push for an Australian privacy tort: Context, evaluation and prospects
Author: Witzleb, Normann
Journal: Australian Law Journal, vol 94, no 10, 2020, pp765-776 (ID 85907)
Subject: Privacy – Torts -- Law Reform

COVID-19 and electronic books and records - future options for liquidators when collecting electronic books and records
Author: Talbot, Briston, Saunders, Skye
Journal: Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association Journal, vol 32 no 2, 2020, pp30-32 (ID 85971)
Subject: Records Management -- Pandemics

The frontiers of restraint of trade litigation protecting goodwill: Policy, principles and practice
Author: Tamvakologos, Michael
Journal: Australian Business Law Review, vol 48 no 4, 2020, pp 332-351 (ID 85639)
Subject: Restraint of Trade -- Goodwill

Revisiting vicarious liability in sexual harassment cases heard under the Sex Discrimination Act
Author: Easteal, Patricia, Saunders, Skye
Journal: Alternative Law Journal, vol 45 no 1, 2020, pp38-44 (ID 85963)
Subject: Sexual Harassment -- Vicarious Liability

Family provisions claims by second spouses: the growing importance of independence and autonomy
Author: Bruce, Sally
Journal: Brief, vol 47 no 6, August 2020, pp19-22 (ID 85720)
Subject: Testators Family Maintenance -- Deceased Estates

Retail tenants exercising an implied right to compensation and the benefit (beyond indefeasibility) of a registered lease (even on holdover): Goldsmith v AMP Life Ltd
Author: Merrett, Sarah
Journal: Australian Property Law Bulletin, vol 35 no 7, August 2020, pp131-135 (ID 85571)
Subject: Transfer of Land -- Retail Leases -- Limitations Periods

Unconscionable conduct and unfair contract terms
Author: Goldberger, Jeffrey
Journal: Commercial Law Quarterly, vol 30 no 2, July-August 2016, pp16-44 (ID 86003)
Subject: Unconscionable Conduct

No vicarious liability for a rogue employee’s data breach: learnings for more than the Morrisons UK supermarket chain
Author: Patel, Nitesh, Duffy, James, Flynn, Lewis
Journal: Privacy Law Bulletin, vol 17 no 5, August 2020, pp74-77 (ID 85653)
Subject: Vicarious Liability -- Class Actions -- Data Protection

Western Australia becomes second state in Australia to legalise voluntary
assisted dying
Author: Tomazi, Erika
Journal: Australian Health Law Bulletin, vol 28 no 4, August 2020, pp22-28 (ID 85568)
Subject: Voluntary Assisted Dying -- Law Reform -- Comparative Law


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