LIV Legal Fun & Walk BBQ

Meats served sizzling hot – cooked with olive oil

  • Hamburgers made from premium beef mince
  • Skinless Chicken breast marinated in lemon & basil
  • Gourmet Aussie Beef sausage

Vegetarians and Vegans served warm:

  • Vegetable & lentil burgers for the vegetarians
  • Roasted red capsicum topped with char grilled vegetables for the vegans

Fresh , healthy, tasty buffet salads

  • Gourmet tossed garden salad
  • Zesty coleslaw & premium Japanese mayo
  • Asian style hokkein noodles with julienne vegetables
  • Wild rice & chickpea salad
  • Potato salad with genuine Japanese mayo & seeded mustard
  • Tuscan pasta with basil pesto & semi dried tomato, eggplant and zuchini

Sour dough style bread rolls – white and multigrain and dinner rolls from Jurgens swiss bakery

Condiments mustard, sweet chilli sauce, tomato sauce, butter

Variety of soft drinks and water