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Institute of Legal Executives seminar

LSBC (the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner) will present on a number of relevant matters including:

  • An overview of the Legal Services Board and Commissioner, and the role of the regulator.
  • The new Legal Profession Uniform Law and its relevance to day-to-day practice procedures.
  • How to avoid ‘crossing the line’ into unqualified practice.

When: Wednesday 12 November 2014, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Venue: VCAT Learning Centre, 6th floor, 55 King Street, Melbourne
Cost: Free
CPD: Applicable (including in the category of ‘Ethics’).

Registration is essential. Colleagues and Principals are very welcome to attend.  Please return the following registration form no later than Thursday 6 November 2014.  Catering will not be available, but you are welcome to bring your own cut-lunch.

Download the registration form (DOC)

The 5th Annual National Public Sector Legal Officers’ Forum 2014

Legal Officers Forum 2014

Delivering Effective Strategies and Proven Working Models to Enhance the Performance and Efficiency of Legal Officers in a Public Sector Setting.

View the online agenda.


  • Specific role-based content to develop excellence as a Legal Officer
  • Proven strategies for early intervention to minimise litigation cost
  • Developing ethical practices to avoid conflict of interest
  • In-house solicitors’ essential strategies for best legal practice


  • The Hon. Robert McClelland Lawyer, former Attorney General and Member of Parliament, Partner
    Turner Freeman Lawyers
  • Professor The Hon. George Hampel AM QC Former Federal Court Justice, Professor for Trial Practice
    Monash University
  • Vicki Parker General Counsel, Legal and Assurance Division
    Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Peter Quiggin PSM First Parliamentary Counsel
    Office of Parliamentary Counsel
  • Andrew Dillon Senior General Counsel
    Australian Government Solicitor
  • Superintendent Tony Trichter APM Chief Superintendent, Commander New South Wales Police Prosecutions
    New South Wales Police Force
  • Sarah Court Commissioner
    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • Ian Killey General Counsel
    Ombudsman Victoria
  • Doug Humphreys Principal Member
    Veterans’ Review Board
  • Monique Hitter Executive Director Legal, Civil Law
    Legal Aid New South Wales
  • Christa Ludlow Assistant Crown Solicitor, Employment Law
    New South Wales Crown Solicitor’s Office
  • Peter Bailey Adjunct Professor AM OBE LL M (Melbourne), MA (Oxford)
    Australian National University, College of Law
  • Steve Lancken BA LLB , MPACS, Acc. Spec. Mediation & Commercial Litigation, NMAS Accredited Mediator Principal
    Negocio Resolutions
  • Geoff Kelly Director
    Kelly Strategic Influence


Lawyers in the Public Sector are facing an ever changing set of challenges as legal practice, legislation and the definition of their role is subject to constant evolution. The variety of responsibilities and duties in this environment covers the full spectrum of the legal profession from statutory interpretation over legislative drafting, to law enforcement. While solicitors in Australia have a very good knowledge of the law and legal procedure, it is often a challenge to distinguish policy from legislation or to apply elementary advocacy skills when arguing a case. As research shows, it can be problematic to identify the client when advising in a multi-portfolio department, or to make the right decision when confronted with a conflict of interest between the “client” and the court.

The 5th Annual National Public Sector Legal Officers’ Forum 2014 will provide an update of recent legislative changes, present case studies to gain insight into the modus operandi of other government departments, demonstrate successful communication strategies and give inspirational advice in ethical questions from some of the most successful Lawyers, Attorneys and Justices in Australia.

Download the event brochure.

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Phone: +61 2 8239 9700, Fax: +61 2 8239 9777.