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New Applicants/Students

This page has been included for those of you who are studying full-time, or who are just starting out on your career journey.

Your initial thoughts on reading some of the information included on this website might be:
  • This is a professional association for professionals, and I'm not a 'professional' yet;
  • I wouldn't be a suitable person to apply;
  • I won't have anything in common with others I meet at networking or educational functions;
  • I would have trouble meeting the professional requirements;and so on.
However, before you decide against applying, or exit from this website, we would like you to consider the following:
  • Everyone has to start somewhere, and even our very experienced Fellows who enjoy a great deal of responsibility in their workplace started in a similar place to where you are right now;
  • You will be valued by the Institute, wherever your career aspirations might lie and whatever your current role might be;
  • The Institute prides itself on being friendly and approachable, and you will be made welcome at any Institute function you attend;
  • You will find you have a great deal in common with others, whether it be your studies, career aspirations, or interests outside the profession;
  • Our professional requirements are not as daunting as they might appear at first sight!
~ Join us today and 'make a difference' in your professional world ~