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What does the Institute do?


For members

For the community

All members receive our publications -
The Legal Executive (bimonthly) , and austilex (available on our website bimonthly).
Careers materials are freely available.
The Institute maintains an Employment Register for members seeking employment[1] Speakers are usually available (at no charge), presently only within Victoria (depending on locality and availability).
  Those interested in a legal career can call the Institute during business hours.
Annual functions, workshops/seminars, networking opportunities. The Institute is represented on a number of Educational Committees in regard to legal courses. Some of the seminars supported by the Institute are conducted in conjunction with other organisations, on a range of issues, and are available to the general public.
The Institute also makes a number of Submissions to Government on an ongoing basis.
Some are to ensure the continued recognition of the Institute and its members, whilst others are made for the benefit of the wider community.

[1] The Institute is NOT an Employment Agency - the Register is maintained only in order to facilitate contact between members seeking employment and potential employers contacting the Institute. There is presently no charge to either potential employer or employee.