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LIV Membership

This page contains frequently asked questions on four aspects of LIV membership: membership eligibility requirements; Member ID, Firm ID and accessing member discounts; financial assistance; and Professional Standards Scheme. Click the categories below to expand and find more information.

If you have additional questions about membership, contact the LIV Membership team Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm by phone (03) 9607 9470 or email

To direct questions to other LIV departments, such as the LIV Library, CPD Compliance or LIV Costing Service, refer to our Quick Contact List.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership Eligibility Requirements

    Am I eligible for complimentary student membership?

    LIV membership is complimentary to law students studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. Once you have completed your studies, your membership category changes to graduate member.

    Am I eligible for graduate membership?

    You are eligible for graduate membership if you have completed a law degree but are not yet admitted to practice.

    Am I eligible for new solicitor membership?

    You are eligible for new solicitor membership if you were admitted to practice after 1 January 2020 and hold a current practising certificate.

    I am a sole practitioner. Which membership category do I qualify for?

    Sole practitioners fall under the firm membership category.

    How does Community Legal Centre membership work?

    Community Legal Centre's pay a flat membership fee for the centre. This provides complimentary membership to all practising lawyers who are employed by, or volunteer with, the CLC which is an LIV centre member.

    Note that this complimentary membership is only available when this is the lawyer's primary source of legal work.

    How do I become a Young Lawyers member?

    Young Lawyers is not a membership category, rather it is a dynamic branch of the LIV designed to support the early stages of career development for student, graduate and new solicitor members who are under the age of 36, as well as members with less that six years of post-admission experience. Visit the Young Lawyers section of our website to learn more.

    How do I join an LIV practice section or committee?

    The LIV has more than 80 practice sections and committees offering the opportunity to connect and collaborate with more than 3500 LIV members in formal and informal settings chaired by some of the most experienced legal professionals in Victoria. Visit the Get Involved section of our website to learn more and find out how to join.

  • Member ID, Firm ID & Accessing Member Discounts

    How do I log in to my LIV Account?

    Log in on our Membership page using your member ID and password. If you’ve forgotten your details, you can retrieve them using your registered email address.

    What if I’ve forgotten my member ID?

    You can retrieve your member ID by selecting Forgotten your ID Number. Enter your registered email address and an email with your member ID will be sent to you.

    It can take a few minutes for the email to come through and may go to a Junk or Other folder. If you have a business ID and a member ID, and you use the same email address for both, you will receive two emails.

    What if I’ve forgotten my password?

    You can reset your password by selecting Forgotten/Update Password. Enter your registered email address and an email to reset your password will be sent you, just follow the prompts.

    It can take a few minutes for the email to come through and may go to a Junk or Other folder. If you have a business ID and a member ID, and you use the same email address for both, you will receive two emails. The email will contain the ID number of the record for which you’re resetting the password.

    I have 2 member IDs – what’s the difference?

    You may have an account with the LIV as both an individual and as a business entity. If this doesn’t seem right or you’re not sure which is which, you can log in to check the account name or contact LIV Membership by phone: (03) 9607 9470 or email:

    What can I manage using my Member ID?

    Your member ID manages your LIV membership at an individual level. You can join or renew LIV membership here as well as update your preferred contact details, update employment details, manage your CPD records (Practising Full Member accounts only), check your subscription preferences and more.

    You cannot manage your business details or business renewals through this account.

    What can I manage using my Business Entity ID?

    Your business ID manages your LIV membership at a business level. You can manage your business address, contact details and employee listing.

     Only a person authorised by the business should be given access to this account.

    I’m logged in, but am still not getting member discounts when I try to register for an event or make a purchase (legal education video, item from the bookshop)?

    You may be logged in with your Business ID, which is not eligible for discounts. Make sure you’re logged in with your individual member ID to access your member discount.

    You may have a non-member record. Check your status on your profile: you’ll be given the option to join if you are not a member. If this doesn’t seem right, please contact LIV Membership by phone: (03) 9607 9470 or email: membership@liv.asn.a

  • Financial Assistance

    Can I apply for financial assistance with my membership fees?

    Yes, the LIV has implemented a Financial Assistance Policy. Members are required to complete an application form to provide feedback on how their personal and professional situation will qualify them to meet the criteria established in the Financial Assistance Policy.

  • Professional Standards Scheme

    Who can participate in the LIV Professional Standards Scheme?

    All members who hold a current Australia Practising Certificate, unless they are corporate or government lawyers. Incorporated legal practices are also defined as a participating member.

    Professional Standards Schemes are not ‘opt-in’ schemes.  All members are deemed to be a participating member unless an exemption has been approved. 

    If a scheme applies to a certain member, it also applies to each partner and employee of that member, and if the member is a body corporate, to each officer of that member. 

    This means that all solicitors (that is, any person who holds a current Australian Practising Certificate) within the law practice would need to be members of the LIV and of the LIV Scheme if an incorporated legal practice wishes to participate

    Sections 19 – 22 of the Professional Standards Act 2003 (Vic) provides additional interpretation.

    My Professional Standards Scheme is inactive – what do I do?

    All eligible LIV members must actively join or request exemption from the LIV Professional Standards Scheme. You can find out more about the Scheme online or send an email to for more information.

    Can I apply for a Scheme exemption?

    Yes, PSL allows the LIV to consider applications for a scheme exemption.

    The LIV Professional Standards Scheme is a legal agreement that obligates LIV to monitor, enforce and improve the profession standards of members, reducing the risk for Victorian consumers of legal services.  The scheme exemption application process focuses on an individual risk assessment of a firm and their clients.

    How to I apply for a Scheme exemption?

    An exemption application may be lodged using the prescribed downloadable form (PDF).

    Applications for an exemption must address the prescribed criteria which requires:

    • a review of their legal service, client profile and risk management framework
    • an assessment of adequacy of their current professional indemnity insurance policy coverage
    • consideration of the appropriateness of top-up cover to manage uncapped liability
    • an acknowledgement of the consequences of unlimited liability for individual principles and law practices

    LIV scheme operates on a ‘one in all in’ basis and requires all eligible associates and/or participating members in a legal practice to be scheme members subject to an exemption application. LIV refers members to the Professional Standards Act 2003 (Vic) section 20 - 22 ‘Other persons to whom a scheme applies’. 

    The LPLC has developed a Risk Management Audit Checklist to assist legal practitioners to  determine and monitor whether their practice is at risk of a negligence claim arising from poor management of the retainer or the matter.  The checklist provides an excellent tool for members to undertake a risk assessment.

    An exemption may be granted on and from the date on which the exemption is granted or on and from a later date specified in the exemption. 

    View additional Frequently Asked Questions about the LIV Professional Standards Scheme.