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Write for the Young Lawyers Journal (YLJ)

The YLJ is a digital publication produced four times per year in April, July, September and November. The YLJ aims to support and provide guidance to all YL members and promotes the activities of the YL.

Each edition has a specific focus with all articles reflecting issues of significance for YL members. The YLJ is distributed to all YL members via email and is also available to view as a flipbook on the LIV website.

The YL invites article contributions from all YL members. Any YL member thinking of contributing is encouraged to read the Submission Guidelines. Each time article contributions are sought, these Guidelines are updated by the YL Editorial Committee.

All article contributions must be submitted with a completed Article Submission form.  

If you would like further information about contributing to the next edition of the YLJ, please email

Write for the Young Lawyers Blog

Launched in April 2012, the Young Lawyers Blog is an excellent resource for all YL members as it provides career advice and tips as well as insights into the practice of law and important updates. Writing for the blog is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills, share knowledge and increase your profile.

The blog is published weekly and is promoted on the YL Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, LawNews and other LIV publications.

Any YL members interested in writing for the blog are encouraged to read the YL Blog Guidelines and must complete the Blog Release Form.

Join an LIV Young Lawyers Committee

Activities and projects of the section are organised by eight committees. Each committee sets its own agenda and conducts its own activities throughout the year. The eight committees are:

Committees provide a fantastic opportunity for young lawyers to learn new skills, develop contacts and get involved in projects of interest to new practitioners.

Committee Meetings

Apart from the Executive Committee, which meets monthly, all committees meet approximately every six weeks for an hour-long meeting conducted at lunch time.

Joining a Committee

With the exception of the Executive and RSYL Committees, any YL member can join a committee and you are encouraged to do so. To register your interest in joining one of our YL committees, please fill out the expression of interest form below. If you have any questions about any of our Committees please contact the YL via email at or 03 9607 9370.

Expression of Interest Form

Your Details:

Committee/s of interest:


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets the strategic direction and agenda for the activities of the YL committees. The Executive plans projects and brainstorms ideas for the benefit of the membership and also decides matters of policy affecting the YL membership. At various times, the committee also advocates for the rights of its members and lobbies on general topics of relevance to YL members.

All of the YL committees are represented on the Executive by their chairperson(s). The Executive also works closely with representatives of the LIV Council, the Victorian Bar, Australian Young Lawyers Committee and other relevant bodies.


  • YL President: Phoebe Blank, Mckean Park Lawyers
  • YL Vice President: Thomas Hobbs, Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment

Community Issues Committee

The aim of the Community Issues Committee (CIC) is to facilitate young lawyers' involvement in community-building projects, provide education about social issues and support for young lawyers wanting to create or contribute to social projects. The CIC achieves this by organising targeted events on various issues and developing new initiatives to promote awareness of the social justice opportunities available to young lawyers and law students.


  • Milli Allan, Victorian Government Solicitors Office

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee publishes the Young Lawyers Journal (YLJ), which is distributed as an online flipbook to all YL members. Four editions are produced each year. The YLJ is a high quality publication through which members can debate and discuss issues of interest to them and to the broader community, as well as enjoy some lighthearted relief from the rigours of practice. Additionally the Editorial Committee also contributes to the YL Blog and offers opportunities to contribute to the Law Institute Journal, which is circulated to all LIV members.


  • Adam Wakeling, State Trustees
  • Andrea de Souza, Minter Ellison

Later Lawyers Network Committee

The Later Lawyers Network was established to bring together, support and promote the increasing number of lawyers and law students who are entering the law as a subsequent career by providing advice and education about admission pathways and employment opportunities. The Committee focuses on the promotion of the advantages of later lawyers to law firms and potential employers through various social and networking opportunities.


  • Audette Smith

Law Reform Committee

The Law Reform Committee (LRC) aims to provide YL members with an introduction to the mechanisms and processes of law reform. The LRC monitors and undertakes law reform projects and responds to calls for submissions while working collaboratively with other LIV sections. Additionally the LRC publishes fact sheets and information on contentious social issues and changes to legislation of relevance to the YL membership.


  • Suzan Gencay, St Kilda Legal Service

Professional Development Committee

This busy committee is responsible for delivering programs, seminars and activities to help new lawyers develop their legal and professional skills. They also provide career information for new lawyers and deliver the annual LIV & Launch Housing Mooting competition. The PDC also contributes to the development of key LIV YL seminars including Ideas for Careers and the Orientation series.


  • Phoebe Blank, Mckean Park Lawyers
  • John Mapleston

Regional and Suburban Young Lawyers Committee

Made up of representatives from each country and suburban law association, the committee conducts face-to-face meetings twice a year with an additional two meetings held via videoconference to discuss issues affecting new lawyers in regional and suburban Victoria. The committee also delivers social and networking events for members in their respective areas. These are great opportunities for members to meet with other young lawyers in their region and in the past events have included trivia nights, wine appreciation evenings, ghost tours and dinners with members of the judiciary.


  • Jesse Rankine, Wightons Lawyers
  • Natasha Mastroianni, Dellios West & Co

Social Committee

The Social Committee creates opportunities for members to meet their peers and form a network of contacts. The Committee plans and delivers social and networking events including the Trivia Night, Golden Gavel and regular bi-monthly drinks, often linking with other professions.


  • Chanphyna Bou