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LIJ December 2003

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LIJ December 2003

Cover Story

Cover Story

Corporate governance round-up: CLERP 9
The latest proposals in the government's Corporate Law Economic Reform Program (CLERP 9) have been released into an environment that is keen to see tighter corporate governance controls.

By Elizabeth Johnstone

Cover Story

Feature Articles


Consumer credit law
A VCAT decision has set a new benchmark for civil penalty imposed under consumer credit legislation, while the Uniform Consumer Credit Code has brought new protections to consumers.

By Graeme McDonald and Ian Clyde

Legal profession
Still room for more - the market for legal professionals 
A pilot study investigating the labour market for legal professionals has found that despite the significant growth in the number of lawyers and law graduates, law continues to be a financially attractive career.
By Dr Anne Daly, Prof Don Fleming and Prof Philip Lewis


Credit cards: conundrums and cures
Credit cards can help a lifestyle really swing and the new Bankers’ Code of Conduct aims to ensure there are no after-party blues.

By Robin Edwards

Retail Leases Act 2003 
This is the second and final part of an article on the Retail Leases Act 2003. Part one, which appeared last month, looked at the application of Act formalities. This part examines the remaining provisions.
By Dr Clyde Croft, Derry Davine and Michael Redfern


Extending public policy discretion
It is possible that improperly obtained evidence could be excluded from courts, despite the fact it could be crucial. Recent judicial activity means it is time for a reconsideration of the circumstances in which this might be appropriate.

By Simon French

Legal research
Legal research on the Internet 
The Internet is a fundamental research tool. If you are not confident about your ability to use it effectively, it is time to look seriously at bringing yourself up to speed.
By Shannon McCarthy


  • Council approves government lawyers group
  • New room for indigenous law students
  • LIV conferences benefit from split decision
  • Crime and redemption
  • Model Bill to give voice to young
  • CPD Scheme set to begin
  • Sorting the shemozzle
  • News

  • Rich reward for life’s work
  • Hogan’s heroes
  • Judicial dispute over women barristers
  • Profession welcomes new specialists
  • No ivory tower for new Dean
  • Jobs for the girls
  • Farewell Justice Rosemary Balmford
  • Obituary: Rupert Sinclair Mosley
  • Obituary: Kenneth Tremayne Andrews
  • Every Issue

  • From the president - Unfinished business ...
  • From the CEO - A year in review
  • Unsolicited (Letters to the editor)
  • Member services
  • LIV advocacy
  • Reviews of judgements
  • Legislation update
  • Practice notes
  • Penalty interest rate
  • Insites (web)
  • Inprint (books)
  • Inreference (articles)
  • Tax issues: GST and property transactions
  • Superannuation: Stating the obvious
  • Ethics: Ethics meets economics
  • Ethics Committee rulings
  • Pro bono: Just partners
  • VLRC: Babies for all
  • According to merit?: Children first
  • Human resources: Minding the family
  • I.T in practice: Practice fortification
  • With all due respect?: Rasta Bill beats steel drum
  • Legal action
  • New admissions
  • Institute update
  • Conferences
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