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LIJ March 2006

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LIJ March 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Cover Story

Duty added: Understanding the Victorian land rich duty rules
The land rich dute rules may potentially apply to a wide range of dealings

By Dr Bill Orow

Cover Story

Feature Articles


Common law claims and the expansion of the SRC Act
In certain circumstances, injured employees covered by the federal workers' compensation scheme have a right of action against an employer in common law for non-economic loss.

By David Richards

Laws without borders: Jurisdiction of courts in Internet defamation cases 
A growing body of case law is providing guidance as to when Australian courts will exercise jurisdiction over foreign defendants in relation to defamatory material published on the Internet.
By Dr Matt Collins

Personal Injuries

“Final approach”: Air travel DVT claims and the High Court ruling in Povey v Qantas
The High Court has confirmed there will be no claim for DVT injuries which result from an airline's failure to warn of the danger of such injuries, or its failure to take actions to prevent them.

By Andrew Field

Legitimate Expectations
How “legitimate” are legitimate expectations? 
In contrast to the rights-oriented approach taken in the UK, the High Court has been more cautious in setting the boundaries of legitimate expectations in Australian administrative law.
By Simon French


  • Cost-effective group
  • Judging the judge
  • January hearings have appeal
  • Government lawyers surveyed
  • Lasting legal links
  • Careers in Law online
  • Assistance offered for death penalty review
  • Neighbourhood justice a community issue
  • Funds in court stay with Master
  • New look for CPD site
  • News

  • Honoured on Australia Day
  • Conveyancing competition set for shake up
  • Something old, something new
  • The Games for lawyers
  • A broad model of regulation: lessons from England and Wales
  • Putting the stress on dealing with depression
  • Traditional start for legal year
  • Welcome Master Jamie Wood
  • A step up from the Bar
  • Two sides to every story
  • A new driving force
  • Every Issue

  • Member services: The privilege is yours
  • LPLC: Keep a close watch on subdivisions
  • Marketing: Have we got a deal for you?
  • From the president: Making work enjoyable again
  • Insites (web)
  • VLRC: Ironing out evidence differences
  • Reviews of judgments
  • Ethics: Too much work – too little time
  • With all due respect?: At a loss for words
  • LIV Advocacy
  • Superannuation: The Super “split”
  • I.T in practice: All “phished” out
  • Unsolicited (Letters to the editor)
  • inreference (articles)
  • Human resources: Career for the making
  • From the CEO: LIV buys into report
  • inprint (books)
  • According to merit?: Zeroing in on violence against women
  • Penalty interest rate
  • Pro bono: Partners change face of pro bono
  • LIV update
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  • Ethics Committee rulings
  • Legal action
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