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LIJ May 2011

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Cover Story

Working through the pain personal injury special issue
Personal injury law has undergone major and all too frequent changes in the past decade. This LIJ special issue on the topic is a welcome and timely contribution to our understanding of this important area of law.

By LIV accredited specialists

Feature Articles

Balanced approach to pain and suffering

Balanced approach to pain and suffering
New Victorian Court of Appeal decisions on the pain and suffering serious injury test provide guidance to practitioners in this unpredictable area of practice.

By Kim Shaw

Beneficial knowledge

Beneficial knowledge
When advising injured clients, it is essential for personal injury lawyers to be  up to date with trends, decisions and interpretations about the "no fault" part of the Transport Accident Act.

By Michael Lombard

Costs in WorkCover: Not broke but fixed

Costs in WorkCover: Not broke but fixed
Claims for costs in litigated WorkCover serious injury applications are now to be determined in accordance with a fixed costs model. This model contains several potential pitfalls for unwary practitioners.

By Craig Sidebottom

Serious injury? Give credit where it's due

Serious injury? Give credit where it's due
The definition of "serious injury" has been developed and refined through judgments, but one factor has remained constant: "the credit" of the plaintiff is still the key.

By Andrea Tsalamandris and Michael Lombard

Up in the air: Contributory negligence confusion

Up in the air: Contributory negligence confusion
Employers are obliged to provide a safe system of work which protects employees from injury due to mere inadvertence. However, the line between excusable misjudgement and contributory negligence is often unclear.

By Emily Anderson

Waiting for  compensation clarity

Waiting for compensation clarity
Commonwealth workers' compensation cases and legislative changes have created uncertainties for those most vulnerable in the workforce.

By Damian Clarke


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