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LIJ September 2003

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LIJ September 2003

Cover Story

Cover Story

Access to essential infrastructure
The Productivity Commission's recommendations for reform of Part IIIA of the Trade Practices Act and the National Competition Council's guide to its current operation aim to improve the workability of the national access regime.

By Brenda Marshall and Rachael Mulheron

Cover Story

Feature Articles


Professional service trusts – are you covered?
Professional service trusts are the latest area of professional practice threatened with more intensive Australian Taxation Office scrutiny.

By Dr Srechko Kontelj

Consent no defence to fraudulently applying company property 
A recent High Court decision has significant implications for sole director proprietary companies.
By James McConvill


Tax consolidation – the new nightmare
Most practitioners have merrily assumed that tax consolidation is an unintelligible area of practice that holds no daily relevance to them, but they would be wrong.

By John Currie

Unfair dismissal
Compensation as a remedy in the unfair dismissal jurisdiction 
When determining payment in lieu of reinstatement in unfair dismissal proceedings, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission takes many matters into consideration.
By Tim Donaghey


Splitting the super ... and selling the home
Major changes have been made to the way in which courts can deal with superannuation under the Family Law Act 1975.

By Jacqueline Campbell

Human rights
Guarding human rights 
A Senate Committee's rejection of key aspects of the federal government's proposed human rights Bill is an important step in protecting the integrity and independence of our national human rights watchdog.
By Ronnit Redman and Professor George Williams


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