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How to Join the Costs Law Section

All LIV members are entitled to join the Costs Law Section.

This can be done by logging into the LIV website (using your user name and password), clicking on the tab at the top of the page which has your name on it, then at the top of the page selecting the "My LIV Profile" tab and clicking on "Membership" from the dropdown options.

You will then be able to join the Costs Law Section by selecting the “Cost Law” option and then clicking "save" at the bottom of the page.

By joining the Costs Law Section, you will receive tailored information regarding costs law and activities of the Costs Law Section, as well as being able to attend and vote at the Costs Law Section AGM. Joining the Costs Law Section is also a prerequisite for joining any of the Section’s committee. For information regarding the Section’s committees, please see below.

Costs Law Section Objectives

The Section’s objectives are to:

  1. promote the better understanding of costs law issues affecting the legal profession
  2. in relation to costs law issues, assist the LIV:
    1. to lobby government and liaise with regulators for law reform by:
      1. providing advice
      2. preparing written submissions
      3. any other necessary and relevant assistance requested by the LIV
    2. to provide assistance and professional guidance to other LIV sections in relation to costs law issues affecting those other LIV sections and their members by:
      1. providing expert advice
      2. any other necessary and relevant assistance
    3. to provide assistance and professional guidance to members of this Section, LIV members and the profession generally by developing:
      1. guidelines
      2. practice notes
      3. information sheets
      4. precedents
      5. CPD activities and events, education modules and eLearning generally in relation to:
        1. methods of pricing legal professional services
        2. the review and amendment of court scales of costs and practitioner remuneration orders with the view to better meeting costing needs of the profession and to capture the value of new technologies being used in legal practice and in relation to the provision of legal services
        3. legal professional obligations and compliance issues relating to costs
        4. any relevant requests from LIV members
        5. costs between parties
        6. costs between lawyers and their clients
  3. provide a forum for educating and updating members in relation to cost law issues to reduce costs disputes between lawyers and their clients and to propose  means by which these disputes can be resolved expeditiously and fairly
  4. strengthen and maintain the relationship with courts and tribunals and support the establishment of a Costs Court Users Group by the Supreme Court of Victoria
  5. provide input to the professional development needs of lawyers practising, or wanting to practise in costs law
  6. assist in furthering the objectives of the LIV.

How to Get Involved in a Committee

All committee members must be members of the Costs Law Section. For information about how to join the Section see above.

For further information about joining a committee, please contact Barton Wu, Lawyer, Costs Law Section at or on 03 9607 9357.

Section Committees

The Costs Laws Section currently has the following committees and working groups:

  • Costs Law Section Executive Committee
  • Education Working Group
  • Law Reform Working Group
  • Costs Court Working Group

Costs Law Section Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets the overall agenda and policy direction for the Costs Law Section and works to ensure the objectives of the Costs Law Section are met.

Chair: Mary Abriola
Deputy Chair: Mark Bellamy
Council Liaison Representative: John McPherson

Working Groups

Working groups are formed on an ad hoc basis as particular issues or projects arise.


For more information about the Costs Law Section, contact the policy officer for the Costs Law Section:

T: 03 9607 9340