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Privacy Working Group

The LIV Privacy Working Group is a sub-group of the LIV Technology and the Law Committee.

The primary purpose and objectives of the Privacy Working Group are to:

  • monitor and advise the LIV of issues relating to privacy
  • advocate on behalf of the legal profession where appropriate
  • educate the legal profession about the privacy and data retention spheres
  • form associations with other privacy groups
  • actively participate in using the expertise provided by LIV members and other similar organisations to prepare privacy and data protection submissions and papers.

The Privacy Working Group also operates in the context of, and with a specific focus on, three broad themes:

  1. Supporting privacy practitioners who provide advice on privacy compliance: This theme considers how to manage compliance within this ever-changing area of law, and what practitioners want and need in terms of support in doing so.
  2. Law reform: This theme considers how advocacy on law reform can be achieved to make compliance easier; that is, it concerns how privacy obligations are designed and implemented.
  3. Helping lawyers with their obligations and compliance: This theme considers compliance in the technology field, and how lawyers can be assisted with managing their obligations in the context of pre-existing information management obligations imposed by their professional duties.

The Privacy Working Group is interested in attracting new members with skills, interests and experiences that are relevant to the above themes. The extent to which the Privacy Working Group’s core themes can be pursued is largely driven by its members and, while the themes are fixed, the Privacy Working Group looks forward to appointing new members who are motivated to shape the ongoing focus of the Group.

The Privacy Working Group also makes active use of the enterprise social networking service, Yammer, to facilitate member communication and collaboration.

In 2017, the Privacy Working Group will be driven by Katie Miller.

How to Join the Privacy Working Group

All LIV members are entitled to join the Privacy Working Group.

For further information about joining the Group, please contact