Your Wellbeing

At times, members may encounter personal and professional problems which can impact their health and wellbeing. Studies, both in Australia and internationally, indicate that lawyers are at particular risk. The prevalence of mental health issues within the legal profession both at a graduate and practising level is increasing, manifesting in various forms ranging from workplace and personal stress to alcohol/substance abuse and depression.

LIV members have access to a range of counselling and support services to help deal with personal and professional challenges that interfere with their work performance and/or personal life.

LIV Member Employee Assistance Program 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327)

The Law Institute of Victoria has partnered with Converge International to provide members with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help deal with the challenges, concerns or issues that may be affecting  members at work or at home. 

Converge International offers a confidential, personal coaching and counselling service that provide support for a variety of short-term, personal or work issues. This service gives members access to qualified professionals including psychologists, social workers and management coaches. 

Members can access Employee Assist free of charge for up to three hours per issue per year.  Confidentiality is assured and personal details will not be passed on to anyone at the LIV.

To access the service, call 1300 687 327 and arrange for an appointment. You can arrange to speak with a consultant over the phone or meet face to face. Consultations can be conducted at Converge International sessional offices throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. 

Please find links to resilience and wellbeing resources for the legal profession below: