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Uniform Law Update – New External Examiner Course Approved

Uniform Law Update – New External Examiner Course Approved

By LIV Compliance Department


All current external examiner appointments expire on 30 June 2017

All external examiner appointments made under the former Legal Profession Act 2004 expire on 30 June 2017. To seek re-appointment under the Uniform Law from 1 July 2017, external examiners will need to complete a course of education approved by the Legal Services Council.

New external examiner course of education approved

The Legal Services Council recently approved a new one day course of education for persons wishing to be appointed as an external examiner under the Uniform Law.  The new course represents a harmonisation of the existing courses in Victoria and New South Wales, updated for the Uniform Law, and includes a revised report format and online lodgement guidance.  

When and where will the new course be offered?

The LIV continues to be the VLSB+C’s approved provider of external examiner education in Victoria.  The LIV proposes to offer the new course in early 2017 on the below dates and locations:

Friday 3 February 2017  Melbourne (CBD)
Tuesday 7 February 2017 Melbourne (CBD)
Friday 10 February 2017 Melbourne (CBD)
Tuesday 14 February 2017 Melbourne (CBD)
Thursday 16 February 2017 Bendigo
Wednesday 22 February 2017 Geelong
Wednesday 1 March 2017 Wangaratta

Do external examiners need to complete the new course before conducting examinations for the year ending 31 March 2017?

No. However, to ensure the integrity of the annual examination and reporting process following the change to the examination year, the LIV recommends all external examiners undertake the new course as a refresher before examining law practice trust records at the conclusion of the current examination year on 31 March 2017. 

More information?

Further information about course venues and registration will be available in the new year. If you have any questions in the meantime, or wish to reserve a place in the course on your preferred date, please contact the LIV at


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