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Announcing your 2017 LIV Young Lawyers Leaders

Announcing your 2017 LIV Young Lawyers Leaders

By LIV Young Lawyers

Young Persons 


We are delighted to announce your LIV Young Lawyers Executive Committee for 2017.

Incoming 2017 YL president, Phoebe Blank, is a workplace lawyer at McKean Park Lawyers and a committed LIV Young Lawyers member with a diverse background of community, professional and voluntary experience.
With a vibrant vision for next year, Phoebe will lead a strong team of dedicated committee chairs and YL representatives to guide and deliver a great program of events, services and advocacy on your behalf, together with incoming YL vice president, Thomas Hobbs.

“It is a fantastic privilege to be YL President for next year. This is an important leadership position for young people in the legal profession,”said Ms Blank. “I’m thrilled to take up the challenge and best represent and support the needs of law students, graduates and new lawyers and collaborate with all stakeholders to deliver meaningful initiatives for all our members to participate, share and grow their skills.”

Please join us in welcoming this year’s LIV Young Lawyers Executive Committee.


YL President


Phoebe Blank

YL Vice President

Thomas Hobbs

Chair, YL Community Issues Committee

Milli Allan

Co-chairs, YL Editorial Committee

Adam Wakeling and Andrea De Souza

Chair, YL Law Reform Committee

Suzan Gencay

Co-chairs, YL Professional Development Committee

Phoebe Blank and John Mapleston

Chair, YL Social Committee

Chanphyna Bou                                             

YL Regional Young Lawyers’ Representative

Jesse Rankine

YL Suburban Young Lawyers’ Representative

Natasha Mastroianni

YL Later Lawyers’ Network Representative

Audette Smith

Now’s the time to join an LIV Young Lawyers committee for 2017!

Find out more about how you can get involved by visiting the LIV Young Lawyers website, reading our dedicated Young Lawyers Blog and Young Lawyers Journal, as well as following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Best wishes and Happy New Year on behalf of the LIV Young Lawyers.


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