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Changes to the Commercial Building Disclosure Program

Changes to the Commercial Building Disclosure Program

By Property and Environmental Law Section

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The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program is a regulatory program that requires energy efficiency information to be provided in most cases when commercial office space of 1000 square metres or more is offered for sale or lease.

A summary of changes to the CBD Program, which came into force on 1 July 2017, is provided below:

Saturday, 1 July 2017:

From 1 July 2017, the mandatory disclosure threshold on commercial office space will be lowered from 2000 square metres to 1000 square metres. The effect of this change is that owners and lessors of smaller commercial office buildings may need to disclose the building’s energy efficiency when they offer to sell or lease their property from this date.

Increase in fees from 1 July 2017:

Fees for applying for an exemption, accreditation and re-accreditation as a CBD Assessor will increase by $8 to $402, and will apply to all applications received from 1 July 2017. All complete and valid applications received by the Department of the Environment and Energy before 1 July 2017 will be charged the previous fee, even if the application is not processed until the new financial year.

Increase in penalty points from 1 July 2017:

The Commonwealth penalty unit will increase from $180 to $210 from 1 July 2017. This means that Civil penalties will rise to a maximum of $210,000 for the first day of non-compliance and up to $21,000 for each subsequent day of non-compliance if imposed by a court. Alternatively, the Department of the Environment and Energy may issue an infringement notice of up to $21,000 for the first day and up to $2,100 for each subsequent day of non-compliance.

If you would like additional clarification or information on the upcoming changes, please contact the CBD Hotline on 1800 020 131 or email Alternatively, please consult the CBD Program website.

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