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LIV’s practice management course

LIV’s practice management course

By LIV Media

Practice Management 


The LIV’s practice management course has been designed for lawyers who wish to make a career transition to engage in legal practice as a principal of a law practice.

The course has been assessed and approved by profession regulator, the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner, which holds discretionary power in granting the principal practising certificate.

We train our members to achieve the appropriate standard of service so that they can assist clients with sometimes complex and difficult matters that may seriously impact finances, reputation and in some cases personal freedom.

This is done through a blended learning approach, with modules which simulate a business lifecycle.

Participants are assisted in identifying risks and developing strategies to mitigate them.

The course centres around 3 days (21 hours) of face-to-face workshops run by topic experts.

They focus on financial management, trust accounting, billing methods, ethics and risk management.

Attendees are also taught how to manage technology, marketing, people and succession planning.

Prior to the workshops, participants will review course materials which are available to download and review online.

Learning exercises to self-assess are also used to build on text knowledge and are used to prepare for the final assessment.

This course has been devised with careful consideration to include new skills requirements introduced by the VLSB+C in January 2019.

The LIV is confident it will allow the applicant lawyer to demonstrate the necessary skills and expertise to ethically, competently and diligently manage a law practice.

Courses are scheduled for August, September and November.

For more information please email or call (03) 9607 9473.

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