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LIV Academy Review - Business Law

LIV Academy Review - Business Law

By Andrew Tsirikis

Continuing Legal Education Education 


Andrew Tsirikis, Lawyer at Foster Nicholson Lawyers, recently attended the Business Structuring workshop in the LIV’s Academy Series in Business Law and writes of his experience of the session.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to structuring a business, and many small business owners rely on their advisers to ensure their business is set up appropriately. Every practitioner, therefore, needs a strong understanding of the different options, advantages and risks associated with various types of structures to be able to advise carefully and appropriately.

The Business Structuring Workshop in the LIV’s Academy Series provides practitioners with, amongst other things, an overview of frequently used business structures, the circumstances in which they are preferred, the powers, rights, duties and obligations of individuals within different business structures and managing personal liability of principal persons in a business.

A useful feature of this workshop is that it includes a case study which allows practitioners to test their knowledge by applying the material they are taught during the workshop to address a hypothetical problem. This task is undertaken in small groups which not only allows practitioners to acquire experience in collaborative learning, but also allows them to share and discuss different views and approaches to solving the problem.

I found Mitchell Zadow to be a capable and engaging presenter. He maintained participants’ interest during the workshop, opting for a format which encouraged practitioners to share challenges, strategies and solutions relating to their area of practice and to ask questions. Mitchell is highly knowledgeable and was able to answer technical questions from practitioners with confidence. He was also clearly well prepared and used his time effectively by focusing on the more popular business structures.

This workshop would suit junior lawyers who advise clients on structuring their businesses and are seeking to enhance their knowledge in this area of law, as well as those wanting to develop a pathway to formal Accredited Specialisation in Business Law.

The main takeaways for me from this workshop are that there are key differences between the various types of business structures as well as the importance of understanding a client’s circumstances and business context when advising them of an appropriate business structuring solution.

I found this to be a valuable workshop because participants benefit from practical learning activities with expert feedback. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired by practitioners through this workshop can be implemented immediately into everyday practice to ensure clients receive the best possible advice.

Want to find out more? Make sure to register for the Business Law stream of the LIV Academy Series. Facilitated by LIV Accredited Specialists and other highly respected experts, the Business Law workshops in the LIV Academy Series provide insights into strategies that can add value to your clients’ businesses and help you become a better advocate for your client’s interests.  

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