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Three career-boosting activities you can do in one day

Three career-boosting activities you can do in one day

By LIV Professional Development

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It's no secret that almost everyone working in the corporate world is short on time, and the legal profession is no exception. We all want to make the most out of each workday, but if you are looking for ways to enhance your professional development or move up in your career, it can be difficult to find the extra time outside of work to make it happen. Fortunately, there are plenty of career-boosting activities you can do in just one day. Here are three to get you started.


1. Create a one-page career strategy

Whether you’re in your first year of practice or your fiftieth, it's good to have a direction you plan to go with your career. Perhaps you want to work your way up to partner or judge, or you hope to retire with a certain number of successful cases under your belt. One of the best things you can do for your career and your personal wellbeing is to set clear goals and strategies for achieving them. Take time out to list your goals for the next year, the next three years, and maybe even the next five years – as well as what you plan to do in order to achieve them. Doing this every year will help you stay on track, and allow your strategy to evolve as you gain experience.


2. Update your LinkedIn profile and CV

When you have been in the same role for a while, you may forget to keep your professional experience description up to date. Even if you are happy in your current position, it can be easier to recall day-to-day tasks, new experience and other relevant information about your job while you are performing in the role. With more than 467 million active users on LinkedIn now, the professional social media platform has become an essential tool for anyone open to or actively looking for new career opportunities. Updating your profile takes less than a day – probably less than an hour – and keeps your information fresh and readily available for potential employers.


3. Get your CPD units covered

Every year, hundreds of lawyers from across Victoria gather at full-day CPD events for the legal profession held by the LIV. The lead-up to the end of the CPD year on 31 March is packed with Essential Skills sessions, regional conferences, half-day seminars and much more – but the key event for multiple practice areas is the CPD Intensive on 21 March at the Sofitel Melbourne. Lawyers practising in property law, commercial law, family law, personal injury law and succession law can attend the CPD Intensive to cover six units across all four compliance areas.

Throughout March, you can also attend one of our practice-area specific half-days and pair it with an Essential Skills session in the morning or afternoon to tick your CPD requirements off the list and get excellent advice and insights for your practice. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet your CPD needs all in one day.


The 2018 February/March CPD Program is out now, so start planning your professional development early by visiting


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