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Executor Conflict

Executor Conflict

By LIV Ethics


Ethical dilemmas are part of everyday practice for solicitors. The LIV Ethics Committee is available to help. Wills and estates R4918 – March 2017 — Conflict of duties concerning current clients ASCR 11 Where there are co-executors in an estate matter, a law firm should not disburse funds held in trust unless it receives joint instructions from all executors or a court order. A law firm acts for two executors (X and Y) of a deceased estate. X and Y are sisters and the stepdaughters of their deceased stepfather and the sole beneficiaries of the stepfather's estate. Probate has been granted to X and Y. All relevant assets have been sold and other assets collected and approximately $60,000 is held in the law firm's trust account awaiting final distribution. A dispute has arisen between X and Y regarding distribution. The law firm has forwarded an authority for the final distribution of the $60,000 to be divided equally between X and Y, but only Y has signed the Authority. X is refusing to do so unless certain conditions are met. The law firm seeks a ruling as to what it should do with the $60,000 held in its trust account. Ruling In the opinion of the Ethics Committee and on the information presented: The law firm should not disburse the $60,000 held in its trust account unless it receives joint instructions from the two executors or a relevant court order such as an order made under Order 54 of the Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015, or an order discharging or removing a co-executor. The Ethics Committee is drawn from experienced past and present LIV Council members who serve in an honorary capacity. Ethics Committee rulings are non-binding. However, as the considered view of a respected group of experienced practitioners, the rulings carry substantial weight. It is considered prudent to follow them. The LIV Ethics website,, is regularly updated and, among other services, offers a searchable database of the rulings, a "common ethical dilemmas" section and information about the Ethics Committee and Ethics Liaison Group. For further information, contact the ethics solicitor on 9607 9336.

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