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2020 LIJ legal features index

2020 LIJ legal features index

By Law Institute Journal


Topic Title Author Issue
Technology Algorithmic discrimination Natalie Sheard 94.2
Tenancy law Damages for unlawful subletting Anton Trichardt 94.2
Inter-family transactions Is it a gift or a loan? David Riddiford 94.2
Statutory demands The best of times Scott K Morris 94.2
Criminal law Sex Offenders Register: A guide for lawyers Bill Doogue 94.2
Guardianship A new dawn Natalie Talia 94.3
Relief against forfeiture Forfeiture of non-proprietary interests Glenn McGowan QC and Tomaso Di Lallo 94.3
Civil Procedure Act A civilised profession? Genna Angelowitsch 94.3
Ethics In-house challenges Michael Dolan 94.3
Food No time to waste Jacob McCahon, Rebecca McCarthy and Sophie Lloyd 94.3
Technology and innovation special edition: Innovation What's holding us back? Jennie Pakula 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Internet domain names On the verge of change Peter Moran 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Digital signatures Redesigning signing Mark Burrows 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Centrelink Reversing robodebt Miles Browne and Charley Brumby-Rendell 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Cyber insurance Necessity or nicety EJ Wise 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Law firm culture Technology and your firm Fabian Horton 94.4
Technology and innovation special edition: Consumer data right Data portability: Can the CDR succeed where the GDPR has failed? Simon Thompson 94.4
Conservation In the wake of the fires Sarah Brugler 94.5
Media Fact check: Holding the Australian media to account Bill Swannie 94.5
Sports law Changing the game John Didulica and Kathryn Gill 94.5
Workcover You cannot be serious! Harry Gill 94.5
Medico-legal Under the influence Olivia Melville 94.5
Workplace law special edition: Biometric data Under your skin: Employee rights to privacy Charles Power 94.6
Workplace law special edition: Workplace deaths Lives matter Erik Dober 94.6
Workplace law special edition: Absent employees Vigilance or vigilante? Managing long-term ill and injured employees Mark Branagan 94.6
Workplace law special edition: Discrimination Are all rights equal? Phoebe Blank 94.6
Ethics special edition: Ethical dilemmas Navigating your way Donna Cooper 94.7
Ethics special edition: Professional conduct The obligation of courtesy Richard Fleming 94.7
Ethics special edition: Complaints Handling complaints Stephen Warne 94.7
Ethics special edition: Contract law and statute Good faith negotiations Bryan Horrigan and Nicholas Young 94.7
Ethics special edition: Legal capacity Front of mind Michael Lombard 94.7
Ethics special edition: Search warrants Don't panic Michael Dolan 94.7
Employment contracts Frustration in the time of COVID-19 Nicholas Green QC and Gianluca Rossi 94.8
Environment The legal implications of Australia's largest World Heritage site Andrew Beatty and Tim Unsworth 94.8
Insurance contracts Standard deviation Chris Liamos 94.8
Contracts Resorting to restitution Ioana Sabau 94.8
Remote practice Tips and tricks: Electronic briefing, hearings, mediations and conferences Dr Anna Parker and Johannes Schmidt 94.9
Wages Fair play: Securing employees' rights Chris Molnar 94.9
Environmental law An onus on prevention Nicholas Witherow 94.9
Animal welfare The hunt for clarity Dr Jane Kotzmann 94.9
Public health Flattening the curve: Why the law should allow for compulsory testing in a pandemic Bill O'Shea, Stephen Taffe, Meghan Warren, Jayr Teng and Alexander Laurence 94.10
Body-worn cameras The all-seeing eye? Jeremy King and Peggy Lee 94.10
Legal profession Professional culture to blame Julian Webb 94.10
Insolvency Marshalling and recovery of fees David Morgan 94.10
Property law Concealment and sale of land Philip Barton 94.10
Young Lawyers special edition: Environmental law COVID-19: Rethinking the human-animal relationship Jacob McCahon and Alexandra Harley 94.11
Young Lawyers special edition: Modern slavery Make a difference Craig Evans and Georgia Whitten 94.11
Young Lawyers special edition: Human rights Reforming the Charter Josh Andrews 94.11
Mental health State of mind Paul Horvath and Ines Perkovic 94.12
Sentencing Resolving a controversy Tim Marsh 94.12
Class actions Caught in a custody battle Andrew Paull and Eleanor Toohey 94.12
Access to justice Remote hearings – the new normal? Chirag Patel 94.12
Family law A precedent for unprecedented times Radu Catrina 94.12
Workplace law Overzealous control or reasonable and lawful: workplace law in the digital age Tessa Van Duyn 94.12


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