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Orwellian model a threat

Orwellian model a threat

By Morry Bailes

Practice & Procedure Securities Technology 

It is unacceptable to assume most Australians, who aren’t criminals and have the expectation to be kept safe by the state, are willing to succumb to heightened surveillance. Snapshot What is an acceptable cost to the privacy of Australians in upholding national security was put to the parliamentary committee hearing into Minister Peter Dutton’s proposed Identity-matching Services Bill. The LCA remains concerned there are no definitions in the Bill around the sharing of data between agencies, who can access it and what it can be used for. Also concerning is the rule making power of the minister’s which could expand well beyond facial recognition. The proposed Bill in its current form leaves Australians open to data hacking and potential misuse of their data by government and other related agencies. Sophisticated facial recognition technology – which could, for example, identify a would-be terrorist scouting a site for an attack – now exists. On the one hand, there is a very understandable inclination to allow law enforcement to use every technology available to keep us safe. On the other, there is the need to protect citizens’ assumed right to move with privacy and freedom through public spaces. It is of great concern to learn that law enforcement and government agencies want to be able to collect and share this data among themselves, yet who will be able to access that data and how they will be able to use it has not been clearly defined.

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